Goddess, is this you ?

  • you are on this soul searching journey because you feel like something is missing, like something is keeping you stuck in a place that you don’t really want to be in…
  • you’ve been seeing small shifts… but deep down you are still feeling unsatisfied and unhappy with where you are in life – no matter what you do or attempt to accomplish.
  • even with all the visualizing, the meditating, putting crystals in your bra, re-working your limiting beliefs, and/or talking through your issues with friends and fancy therapists …. nothing really seems to be helping, not for the long term at least.
  • and now you know that the only way to heal is spiritually (at a deep level) from the inside out

If you are struggling with:

  • self-confidence issues
  • feeling like shit deep down about who and where you are in life/career/business
  • getting stuck in negative emotions for long periods of time
  • wanting to connect more with GUS in your life/career/business
  • making your spirituality/manifestation a priority
  • hiding remnants of hurt, doubt, fear, and self-sabatage behind a fake smile

I can help you. I made this 4 month VIP Experience specifically for you. So that I can guide you back into the spiritual freedom you have been craving, as I have done with dozens of other women using the healing power of 1:1 coaching and spiritual therapy.

Why did I create this program: A voice told me when I was 16 years old that my purpose was to help people, and over the years the how has become clearer and clearer. We live in a world where fear and self-doubt has been made normal; you have been programmed to forget how to use your power and free-will to create a magical AND fulfilling life… yet you deserve it all, happiness included, and my purpose is to help you unlearn all of the lies and release all of the pain so that YOU can finally shift your life into something that you genuinely love, now.

Inside and out.

Fulfillment is your birthright. Abundance AND joy is what is most natural to you spiritually… no matter what you have been taught prior, no matter what life tries to throw at you, and no matter what people try to convince you of. You shouldn’t have to push back your fulfillment any longer.

So we will meet weekly for four months. You will have soul work, support, and bonuses to dive into when we are not together. That’s 16 private 1:1 sessions and unlimited coaching for 1/3 of the year (gasp)

(Say hello to your 4 month total life transformation <3)


I have learned how to heal myself from a diagnosed mood disorder and depression. I’ve moved from feeling trapped in a life I didn’t feel good enough to be alive in (literally) to manifesting thousands of dollars online doing something that I love (while being happy and fulfilled doing so.)

I have learned how to facilitate my own joy no matter what happens or who happens around me, and I help others do the same so much so that recently, I am being reached out to for interviews and collaborations. My clients have healed depression, manifested thousands of dollars, and stepped deeper into their own self-love. So, this coaching experience changes lives. (just saying)

I spoil my clients like lovers. I crave to see you shift, and I will do all that I can to help you.

Month 1: Deep Self-Love Healing Work

  • We focus on self-love, self-forgiveness, and building unshakable self-confidence so that you can show up more boldly and fearlessly to your life and business to naturally create more ease and cash flow.
  • Any shame, doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs related to self are healed so that you can finally tap into genuine unconditional self-confidence. (so many people think self-love is looking in the mirror 3 times and saying I love you. NOT. Healing self-love and self-esteem goes much deeper, and affects how you feel about every area of your life. Hence, my purpose.)
  • We begin building your spiritual and intuitive muscles, and healing any disconnect you may have from your spiritual body and guides (no more not knowing what to do next, learn how to listen to and trust yourself, even when I am not around.)
  • We do a spiritual belief make-over, deeply reconnecting you to God/ the universe/ source, and joy, while releasing any guilt you may secretely have about how you choose to do so
  • We come up with a 90 day game plan for the actualization of your desires and joyful prosperity (yes, you do have to meet God + yes, all prosperity is not joyful.)

Month 2: Deep Therapy (Using tools including NLP, Cognitive Behavior, Talk therapy, Positive Psychology, Spirituality)

  • We focus on releasing anger and healing your past so that you can actually have the energetic room to call in a better future (if you are holding on to negative memories in your body, until they are released, they will block your manifestations).
  • I share with you the secret tool to help you forgive anyone or anything deeply in less than a day (anger hurts you more than it hurts others).
  • We heal religious trauma or any trauma in your past for that matter. (anything keeping you from peace is released during this time so that you can live in a more joyful state of being, daily.)
  • We heal and release any karmic weight and completely clear your energetic body (when you are feeling off or stuck, and you just can’t figure out why – it is usually because there is energy trapped in your body that needs to be cleared. Again, hence, my purpose.)

Month 3: Healing Your Self-Sabotage

  • We focus on getting your subconscious mind (a million times more powerful than your conscious mind) on board with your joy and fulfillment so that your desires can manifest quicker.
  • We heal self-sabotage so that you can break through fear and create positive momentum using your most powerful assets (stop being your own worst enemy.)
  • We learn how to set powerful boundaries and stop caring about what other people think so that you can finally stop going around in the same ole circles in your life and relationships.
  • We clear up any remaining manifestation blocks (in your life, business, etc.) and focus on reprogramming your conscious mind, limiting beliefs, and negative thoughts to match your actual desires so that they can actually physically manifest.

Month 4: Creating JOYFUL Abundance

  • You learn my process for maintaining a high vibration and REMAINING a match for your desires, consistently. (no you can’t be happy all the time, but you can be most of the time.)
  • You learn the mindset strategies that I use to manifest money in a soulfully aligned way.
  • I give you my secret process for releasing anxiety + worry no matter the external circumstances.
  • This month is the month where we deeply connect the way that you make money to your soul. (Money should feed your joy, not take away from it; be it in a job or in a business – money remains a sacred tool that you should be joyfully accessing and using to contribute to your joy. I will show you how to do so.)
  • You learn my process for self-awareness and how to shift your own energetic body into full self-power so that you can stop feeling like shit and finally feel supported and fully fulfilled in your life/business/career from the inside out. (stop putting on a show, and actually build a life that makes YOU happy.)

Plus as a VIP CLIENT, you’ll get access to every digital course/training that I have ever created including:

  • Self-Love, Healing, + Money Vibes (5 Week Program) ($700 value)
  • Soul Aligned Branding (4 Week Business Program)($220 value)
  • Dare to Desire: How to Manifest Your Desires in 21 Days ($37 value)
  • How to Speak Your Desires Into Existence ($22 value)
  • How to Attract Money and Abundance Into Your Life 101 ($22 value)
  • How to Use the 7 Universal Laws to Manifest ($22 value)
  • How to Speed Up Your Manifestations ($22 value)

“Before I started working with Ayanna, I was in a job that really didn’t serve my purpose or what I know I am here to do. I dreaded every single day of going to that job. I decided to work with Ayanna, because I felt connected to the message she was teaching on manifestation, and the way she explained her work. Her energy was uplifting, kind, and straight to the point and made me feel like I already knew her.

I realized I could stay feeling stuck where I was at in my life and business, or do coaching with her and have a manifesting expert hold me accountable and help me work with the amazing tools she uses herself, that would help me live my best life. Shorty after I began working with Ayanna, I manifested a new part time job that allowed me to leave my dreaded 9-5. I now have the time, energy, more confidence and a high vibe mindset devoted to creating my own business. I am more abundant in life, business and love. I have been able to spend more time in a heart-centered space building my business. Her coaching tools I use daily, and they continue to make huge shifts in my life and income.

Through her guidance I found a confidence in myself that I had been lacking for far too long and awakened to see that I can have the life I truly desire. Ayanna gave me the tools to build my list and reach more people to get to know my Chakra coaching. She gave me specific pointers on marketing that have resulted in new clients!”

-Christine Tschida


– You are a Goddess (a creator of realities, you can have whatever you set your mind to, this is not a cliché)

– If there is something about your external life that you do not like (i.e. your job, your relationship, your money) the problem is not about the external situation, it is about your inner spiritual vibration. Let me help you heal, spiritually.

– Stop trying to change your external life, the relationship, or the problem, what you need is spiritual healing. When you heal your spiritual vibration, your external world naturally starts to fall into place. I have seen it time and time again – the women I work with begin healing their heart’s and mind’s during our time together and naturally begin manifesting new opportunities, new jobs, new places to live, money in the bank, etc.

So start here, with the spiritual coaching and the rest will fall into place.

-Sherie Giuliante


“Before working with Ayanna, I lacked direction in many ways. I had heard of manifesting but never thought it would work for me. With time, my outlook on life completely changed. I believe much more easily and wholeheartedly that the Universe has my back and that I will be successful.

Working with Ayanna, and doing this work around Self-Love , healing my past and learning how to release my negative experiences has really changed my life for the better. I manifested 37,000 dollars, paid off bills, bought a car, and was finally able to start my life coaching business.

I found myself being able to accomplish things I never thought possible. I gained the confidence to do so much that I never would have even begun to think I would be able to do. I’ve crafted my first ever funnel, started working with my first client, and have so much more belief in myself and my abilities. I’m creating a life I love for my family and I.”

“Before Ayanna, my life was at a standstill, and I felt lost and hopeless. I had just gotten discharged from the army and was suffering from a number of mental health issues. I was looking for someone to help me get back on track with life when I found Ayanna. She helped me to bring awareness, direction, motivation and purpose back into my life.

I decided to invest with Ayanna because the things she offered were just what i was looking for and then some, and I found the peace of mind and self confidence to pursue my true purpose. She helped me develop a plan, and gave me resources and useful information to help me start my business.

My life is different now because I am following my passions in life and going after things I never dreamt of pursuing. I am so much more grateful and happier than I have ever been and am earning money doing something I love, and I don’t have to take away quality time from my family to do it. “

– Jasmyne Silver

So let’s dive in.

Let’s transform your life from the inside out.

Let’s heal you spiritually + emotionally.

Guide you from anxiety, anger, and/or disappointment, into faith, abundance, and joy.

This is your birthright as a child of God.

(I know I can help you shift, and step into the life that you have always desired. I’ve done it before 😉)

Apply to work with me below.


Full payment of $3k

Monthly Payments of $777

Bi-Weekly Payments of $398

How many spaces do you have available?

I only work with 3 VIP clients at a time (4 month periods) so if you want to work with me privately before March 2019, grab your spot now, because I will not open 1:1 services back up until next year.

Why do I need this program ?

You keep telling yourself, “I will invest in my healing next year” or “why should I spend money on my joy” or “I don’t need a coach” but then you continue to feel unsatisfied with your life and where you are in it.

The truth is that you could choose right now to invest in your spiritual wellbeing and

finally stop going around in the same circles of not feeling good enough. You could stop making excuses and let me help you finally shift to a place of joy from the inside out.

What if I fall behind ?

This experience is for you, and I will do whatever I need to do to help you, including rearrange my schedule.

You will have 5 months to use all 16 of your 1:1 sessions.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, see above. You are able to pay $500 bi-weekly or 1k a month.

Is this only for women?

No healing is healing. Self-love is self-love. We all need it, and this program is for anybody conscious, kind, and ready to heal.

Do you offer refunds?

Doubt you will want one, but if you decide that this VIP experience is not for you, you must decide before the start of our 2nd 1:1 session. You must have attended at least 1 call, done ALL of the homework assignments included in your bonuses, fully (I mean, completely.). If you have, send a copy of the assignments to hello@spiritualgoddessmagic.com and you will receive a refund for the unused services.