Something is calling you higher…

+ you know what I mean,

You are ready for a life transformation.

You are ready to step deeper into your confidence, purpose, and abundance.

You are tired of feeling out of alignment with your purpose and deepest joy.

You are ready to release fear, anxiety, and worry.

+ that is why you are here. You know that I can help.

If you want to:
  • tap into your natural abundance, i.e. manifest more money
  • release anxiety, worry, sadness, + depression
  • let go of triggers (stop reacting, start responding.)
  • step into unlimited confidence and self-love
  • authentically create profit online doing something you love
  • align with a job or career that feels good, abundant, and of purpose
  • heal your past, your spiritual and emotional body + past traumas (stop crying in your bed at night – I’ve been there.)
  • market, grow, or re-align with your business to make more money in a way that feels good + easy
  • get over visibility blocks, procrastination, put yourself out there and make the money you deserve
  • and more

I can help you, as I have done with dozens of other women.


You apply to see if we are a good fit. If so, you pay for the coaching experience, and then I send you a questionnaire to learn how I can best serve you. What do you need ? How can we create the best experience for you over the next 3 months ? The questionnaire helps me determine your personal, spiritual, life, career/business, and emotional needs. It helps me design your transformation.

I then structure the 3-month experience to help you spiritually heal your life from the inside out, and manifest your deepest goals + desires within 90 days.

You will have your own personalized web portal with scheduled trainings, ebooks, and meditations based on your needs. (So much content.) + then me and you will meet bi-weekly for 60-90 minute spiritual intensives where we will do the deep spiritual healing of your life, career, and business. These sessions combine therapy, coaching, law of attraction, nlp, and energy work to TRANSFORM your life. 6 sessions total.

I have learned how to heal myself from a diagnosed mood disorder and depression. I’ve moved from feeling trapped in a life I didn’t feel good enough to live in, to manifesting thousands of dollars online doing something I love.

I have learned how to facilitate my own joy, and help others do the same so much so that recently, I am being reached out to for interviews.

I bring this up only so that you know that it doesn’t matter where you are, whether you are currently high or low, I can serve you, and based on what you include in your questionnaire, I will create personalized videos, pdfs, and meditations to help you step into your own personal life transformation.


This coaching experience is a mixture of an online program and private coaching. I spoil my clients like lovers. I crave to see you shift. I will do all that I can to help you.

Plus, in addition to your 60-90 minute bi-weekly spiritual intensives + access to a private web portal, you are getting unlimited audio Messenger support on Facebook (basically unlimited coaching. You send me what you need help with, whenever you need it. I respond) .

+ After each session you will get an email with notes and healing work. Plus meditations and pdfs.

And as a bonus, you’ll get access to every digital course/training that I have ever created including:

  • How to Speak Your Desires Into Existence
  • How to Attract Money and Abundance Into Your Life 101
  • How to Use the 7 Universal Laws to Manifest
  • How to Speed Up Your Manifestations
  • Branded For Profit: Make Money Being You
  • Magical Marketing: Sell Your Services/Skills Online
  • Dare to Desire: How to Manifest Your Desires in 21 Days
  • Half off group programs + courses that I create during our time together.

– You are a Goddess (a creator of realities, you can have whatever you set your mind to, this is not a cliché)

– If there is something about your external life that you do not like (i.e. your job, your relationship, your money) the problem is not about the external situation, it is about your inner spiritual vibration. Let me help you heal, spiritually.

– Stop trying to change your external life, the relationship, or the problem, what you need spiritual healing. When you heal your spiritual vibration, your external world naturally starts to fall into place. I have seen it time and time again – the women I work with begin healing their heart’s and mind’s during our time together and naturally begin manifesting new opportunities, new jobs, new places to live, money in the bank, etc.

So start here, with the spiritual coaching and the rest will fall into place.

So let’s dive in.

Let’s transform your life from the inside out.

Let’s heal you spiritually + emotionally.

Guide you from anxiety, anger, and disappointment, into faith, abundance, and joy.

Let’s get you into alignment with your purpose. This is your birthright as a child of God.

I know I can help you shift, and step into the life that you have always dreamed of. Apply to work with me below.

What’s the Cost ?

Full payment of $1,344 or

 6 bi-weekly payments of $250