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  • How does a 6-week quantum shift feel inside of your body?
  • How would it feel for you to move out of fear + into a place of pure faith and confidence?
  • How would it feel to finally RELEASE whatever is causing you to stay stuck and not go after + ACQUIRE what you actually want from life and business?
  • How would it feel to, in 6 weeks time, find yourself fully supported by God because YOU finally knew how to believe?
  • + How would it feel to have practical and spiritual support in making this Quantum Shift from someone who has already done it?

I know, it can feel crazy to believe that you are alive during a time where you CAN actually create the life of your choosing.

At first it can seem a little strange: the idea that you are unconditionally supported by something higher than you? The idea that you actually have the power to create whatever you want in this world. The idea that you are not a victim to fate, but a master of creation.

I get it – to the world, your law of attraction ideas may look delusional …. but your soul won’t let you live any other truth.

Deep down you know that it’s not a trend – it’s a truth gone viral. Sometimes misunderstood. Sometimes demonized.

But a truth. It’s a science by now. It’s fate. It’s the very reason that you are alive: to discover who you really are. To tap into your power.

It is why we are all here + deep down, you already know this.

Your energy is creating your whole reality. There is no escaping the fact that you are a co-creator. Your relationship to your past/your memories/your hurts/ your relationship with yourself, with others, and with your thoughts and beliefs come together to form the reality that you experience.

And even if you are not in a so good place, with a few inner shifts… you can float easily along with life knowing support in all ways (emotional, spiritual, financial.)

So this is the energy work that I am here to help remind you how to do – because honestly, abundance and joy is who you really are, you just picked up some lies along the way (as most people have.)

I’m Ayanna Nefertaari. In case you don’t know my story – here it is. I was called into spiritual healing work at a very young age after the loss of my father at 12 years old. It was a beautiful tragedy that woke me up to spirit and dimensions beyond this world as early as my teenage years.

I went on to college to be a writer because poetry has saved my life more than once – but I graduated an entrepreneur with no desire to ever get into the corporate world. I started off in the online space first as a network marketer until I found the courage to hire a business coach that stretched me financially and helped me gain a lot of clarity around my skills and purpose…

Hiring that coach was the catalyst for my discovering my gift for energy work, manifestation work, and healing work (the intuitive work that I had already been doing for years.) I realized quickly that the metaphysical was my thing and had always been. I made my first 4 figures in 3 weeks.

THE INITIATION: Things were going good for a while, I was making money and attracting clients – but then life happened, and I I lost touch with spirit. Everything became about figuring everything out myself – instead of flow, trust, and purpose + it affected my income which took a massive dip.

I had forgotten how to relax onto God. Lean onto him/her/it like I would a lover.

And then the quantum shift happened – it wasn’t easy – life tossed and turned around me… I honestly had to disappear from social media for two months to rediscover my own wisdom (and actually live it.)

But it forced me to finally learn how to create consistent cash months in my business. I stepped into an even deeper level of healing and self-love within myself, and re-created my brand built on trust, and it continues to support me in all ways. I continue to make thousands of dollars in the online space, doing things that feel good – in a way that feels good. this business is a sacred extension of myself and life’s glory. I sort of love her.

There is only one way to work with me 1:1 – in Quantum Goddess – a 6 week intensive for $1200. (We can discuss payment plans, and extended time frames when you apply.)

In this 6 week intensive, you will shake away all of the energetic contradictions in your being that keep you from showing up in your fullness and affluence to life. I will teach you processes and spiritual tools to help you do the inner work of getting your vibration right to manifest things that just feel better, lighter, and more abundant in your life.

+ We will bring to the surface the blocks that you didn’t even know you had (which aren’t really blocks, just places where you have forgotten your true power) and we shift. We heal. We release.

+ then we let God, manifestation + energy do the rest.

And she will. She has done so over and over again with me and with my clients. And she will do so for you.

Just let me show you how to tap in.

Does it feel good, maybe a little scary, but good to you when I say: You are fully supported. You can be whoever you want. Abundance is your truth. You are a powerful co-creator? ? ?

Then you are in the right place.

  • 6 Weekly 1:1 Laser-focused Energy Healing Sessions with homework and/or PDFs
  • Unlimited Facebook Messenger, Voxer, or Whatsapp support
  • A private membership portal/website to access each of your recorded 1:1 sessions, as well as your homework + pdfs. (By keeping the recorded sessions and material all in one space – by the end of our time together you will have a personalized 6 week course to return to whenever you need, for all time.)
  • Personalized meditations and visualization based on your particular needs

What do I mean when I say unlimited Facebook Messenger/Voxer support? Basically, you will get unlimited coaching from me on whatever topic you need, whenever you need. Voxer and Facebook messenger are both apps that allow us both to send and receive audio, text, and video clips from one another. This means that whenever something comes up for you in between sessions, whenever you need some on the spot guidance, inspiration, healing, and/or coaching, all you have to do is go to the app, send me a message, and I will respond within 24-48 hours to help you.

Plus, as a bonus, you can get access to any 2 of the following 3 courses for FREE:

And access to my monthly Goddess Support Circle for FREE during our time together.

  • We will heal any money/self-worth blocks keeping you from charging your worth, knowing your worth, and attracting your ideal clients. We do the inner spiritual work of shifting your mindset, healing limiting beliefs, and shifting the way that you show up with money to create more profound results.
  • We will release any energy blocks keeping you from showing up to LIFE and business as the CONFIDENT and FULFILLED Goddess you are – Here is where the deep healing work happens. Past unresolved traumas can often be the source of many spiritual blocks, especially blocks with our self-esteem, anger, and hopes for the future (yes, even if you try to ignore it all and love/light/positive think it all away. As a Quantum Goddess, I will guide you in doing the healing work required so that you can start creating in the present moment from a more healed space …. instead of recreating your past (you know, going around in those circles you keep going around in because you refuse to face your past.)
  • You will learn the true source of any procrastination/stuck-ness/heavy feelings in your body and business (including sadness or frustration) and how to fix/release these things.
  • We will clear away any energy blocks keeping you from getting more seen, visible, and paid for your natural gifts (whether you are already in business or trying to catch some momentum – I have tons of strategies and energetic tools to help you evolve practically and spiritually in your business. Also courses that you get access to.)
  • You will be given the tools that you need to consistently step back into your co-creative power and FAITH in the present moment, despite your past. (But this does not mean that you will be able to run from it.)

Below is the link for you to apply for a discovery call so that we can see if we are a good fit together. If your application process is approved, I will send you a questionnaire so that I can learn more about you and your needs. Once know what I need to know, I will design a personalized program fit for your particular needs and desires.

(So for example: Maybe you need more of a focus on creating inner clarity and an aligned marketing plan in your business to create abundance, or maybe you need an energetic money shift because the strategies aren’t working. Maybe you need some life/memory healing because things are starting to feel like too much – or maybe a mixture of them all – or none of them.)

I will figure all of this out and create personalized sessions and a personalized program using personalized techniques for your particular needs.

It will be flowy and planned. Feminine and masculine… O my gawdess.. Get excited!

We do the energy work, the manifestation work, the business work, the visibility work, the self-love work, the healing work – and whatever else you need to step into your quantum shift.

So if this 6-week intensive is calling your name – listen to your intuition.

Your quantum leap, your expansion, your evolution, your joyful and purposeful business is now – so don’t hesitate, spots are limited, for real. (I work with only 1 woman at a time, and I will close this cart for 2 months once the spot is filled.)

Only apply if you:

  • know that NOW is your time to stop making excuses and feeling stuck
  • are ready to embody your power despite fear or setbacks, and no matter how uncomfortable it gets
  • KNOW that I am the one that can help you shift energetically into a state that feels, better, lighter, freer, more supported by God.

(Everyone doesn’t get in – but trust your heart. If this is calling you, apply.)

So, where does faith come from? It comes from a willingness to see a world that no one else sees.  From a willingness to KNOW the results are yours – and to feel it in your bones before it shows up.

Are you willing to invest in this world?  Are you willing to give your all to a reality that hardly anyone can see but you?

I know the feeling – and I can help.

From a willingness to KNOW the results are yours – and to feel it in your bones before it shows up.

– You are a Goddess (a creator of realities, you can have whatever you set your mind to, this is not a cliché and this INCLUDES healing and support.)

– If there is something about your external life that you do not like (i.e. your job, your relationship, your money) the problem is not about the external situation, it is about your inner spiritual vibration. Let me help you heal, spiritually.

– Stop trying to change your external life, the relationship, or the problem, what you need to do is the inner work. When you heal your spiritual vibration, your external world naturally starts to fall into place. I have seen it time and time again – the women I work with begin healing their heart’s and mind’s during our time together and naturally begin manifesting new opportunities, new jobs, new places to live, money in the bank, etc.

(+ At some level you already knew this because you have tried to change your external world over and over again, only to end up back here, at square one… knowing that something else needs to change.)

So start here, with the spiritual coaching and the rest will fall into place ;-).

-Bradley Biggs

-Sherie Giuliante

“Before working with Ayanna, I lacked direction in many ways. I had heard of manifesting but never thought it would work for me. With time, my outlook on life completely changed. I believe much more easily and wholeheartedly that the Universe has my back and that I will be successful.

Working with Ayanna, and doing this work around Self-Love , healing my past and learning how to release my negative experiences has really changed my life for the better. I manifested 37,000 dollars, paid off bills, bought a car, and was finally able to start my life coaching business.

I found myself being able to accomplish things I never thought possible. I gained the confidence to do so much that I never would have even begun to think I would be able to do. I’ve crafted my first ever funnel, started working with my first client, and have so much more belief in myself and my abilities. I’m creating a life I love for my family and I.”


Working with Ayanna was a great experience. She has a kind soul and takes time to personally connect. She is real and realistic but also helps you see what big goals and dreams you can achieve.

The materials were super helpful and she provided me with a customized website based on my goals. This left me with lots of material to master in between sessions. She was very accessible between sessions for questions or guidance. She even used voice messenger to communicate which felt very personal.

After my coaching with Ayanna, I still find myself using the tools and reflecting on my learnings. One of my biggest focuses was managing my anxiety and digger deeper into my own belief systems. I ended our time together feeling empowered and listened to. I also felt like I had learned skills to help me achieve my vision: ever since our second session, I’ve gained so much clarity about my career path and my anxiety has been at an all time low. I’ve had full days where I am hardly anxious, which is amazing.

“Before I started working with Ayanna, I was in a job that really didn’t serve my purpose or what I know I am here to do. I dreaded every single day of going to that job. I decided to work with Ayanna, because I felt connected to the message she was teaching on manifestation, and the way she explained her work. Her energy was uplifting, kind, and straight to the point and made me feel like I already knew her.

I realized I could stay feeling stuck where I was at in my life and business, or do coaching with her and have a manifesting expert hold me accountable and help me work with the amazing tools she uses herself, that would help me live my best life. Shorty after I began working with Ayanna, I manifested a new part time job that allowed me to leave my dreaded 9-5. I now have the time, energy, more confidence and a high vibe mindset devoted to creating my own business. I am more abundant in life, business and love. I have been able to spend more time in a heart-centered space building my business. Her coaching tools I use daily, and they continue to make huge shifts in my life and income.

Through her guidance I found a confidence in myself that I had been lacking for far too long and awakened to see that I can have the life I truly desire. Ayanna gave me the tools to build my list and reach more people to get to know my Chakra coaching. She gave me specific pointers on marketing that have resulted in new clients!”

-Christine Tschida

“Before Ayanna, my life was at a standstill, and I felt lost and hopeless. I had just gotten discharged from the army and was suffering from a number of mental health issues. I was looking for someone to help me get back on track with life when I found Ayanna. She helped me to bring awareness, direction, motivation and purpose back into my life.

I decided to invest with Ayanna because the things she offered were just what i was looking for and then some, and I found the peace of mind and self confidence to pursue my true purpose. She helped me develop a plan, and gave me resources and useful information to help me start my business.

My life is different now because I am following my passions in life and going after things I never dreamt of pursuing. I am so much more grateful and happier than I have ever been and am earning money doing something I love, and I don’t have to take away quality time from my family to do it. “

– Jasmyne Silver

So let’s dive in.

Apply to work with me below.

Why do I need coaching ?

You keep telling yourself, “I will invest in next year” or “I don’t need a coach” but then you continue to feel unsatisfied with your life and where you are in it.

You stay stuck, when I could have BEEN shifted your life. Completely transformed it (God is so big.)

The truth is that you could choose right now to invest in your spiritual wellbeing and finally stop going around in the same circles of not feeling good enough, not making the money you want.

You could stop making excuses, right now, and let me help you finally shift from the inside out.

What if I fall behind ?

No such thing. This coaching is for you, and I will do whatever I need to do to help you, including rearrange my schedule.

You will have 2 1/2 months to use your 1:1 sessions.

Are there payment plan options?

Yes, we can discuss further during your application process.

Is this only for women?

No healing is healing. Energy is energy. Self-love is self-love. We all need it, and this program is for anybody conscious, kind, and ready to heal.

Do you offer refunds?

If after your first session, you decide that this program is not for you, you will get a 50% refund. No refunds will be accessible after the 2nd session.