Goddess, is this you?

  • You have been stuck in your business for months, and despite your best efforts you can’t figure out why it isn’t growing. (or)
  • You have been feeling sad, anxious, and/or purposeless for months, but you can’t figure out why or how to heal it. (or)
  • You want to know joy, and live the type of life that you can be proud of, but you have no idea where to start to make that happen. (and/or)
  • You can’t seem to figure out on your own what is vibrationally and energetically keeping you from manifesting your deepest desires.

If this is you, no worries. I am here. For you. I was made to help you move forward and get unstuck.

So let’s figure out what’s actually blocking you.

You can stop playing the guessing game.

You can stop taking all these generalized courses and indulging in a bunch of free + frivolous information that is not personalized to you, for your personalized needs + benefit.

You can stop feeling like you are wasting all your time and money and getting no where … because with this session, I know exactly how to look right into you at a soul level and discover EXACTLY what is really blocking you from experiencing:

  • joy, peace (relieved anxiety/worry/stress)
  • an overflow of clients/customers (what’s really keeping you stuck in your business; why you really aren’t growing)
  • massive cash flow /more money (let’s do a money paradigm reset)

I created these 90 minute Spiritual Re-alignment Intensives to help you shift. Quick. Let me support you.

Listen: We are all vibrational beings – and I have developed this skill of being able to use tools like NLP, cognitive behavior therapy, spirituality, coaching, intuition, and psychology – to help you locate and release anything that may be vibrationally holding you back from attracting what  you really desire.

Using these tools, I have helped dozens of women move from feeling stuck to powerful and full of purpose

I know I can help you too.

  • one 90 minute manifesting intensive (here we dive into you vibrationally and reset your mind at a deep subconscious energetic level) we also locate and release the consciousness/memories/fears/doubts/thoughts that may be unconsciously lingering underneath your surface and blocking your manifestations  without you even knowing.
  • an audio recording of the intensive for you to keep for all time and re-listen to as needed
  • 2 weeks of Voxer/ Facebook messenger/email/audio support so that I can be there for you as you make the transition (message me whenever you need, whyever you need.)
  • Personalized journal prompts and homework to facilitate your healing and clarity at a deep level

  • Dare to Desire (How to Manifest Whatever you want on 21 Days)
  • A personalized meditation bundle based on your needs and taken from my private client stash
  • Access to my Manifest Now Facebook group (It’s a manifestation workshopping group. In it you are only allowed to speak as your highest self, in your ideal reality. This helps you get into energetic, visualizing alignment with your desires.
  • Goddess Rise (a collection of poetry- the Eboook)

So basically, there is a way for you to get personalized support from me – for you to finally figure out the EXACT blocks keeping you stuck instead of just hoping to find your next quick fix in a sea of information.

I’ve helped clients overcome depression, attract premium clients, get new jobs, and/or attract thousands of dollars into their lives + I can help you do the same.

I’m your spiritual therapist, healer, law of attraction hipster, Goddess, here to serve you and help you create your best fucking possible life.

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