So here is what is going down…

Here is where your healing starts…

or here is where your life shifts, lifts, and changes for the better…


I now offer spiritual virtual goddess gatherings: i.e. group coaching sessions / masterminds for people who having been wanting to get in some healing energy, work with me at a deeper level, be spiritually coached, AND be surrounded by other spiritual goddesses making shit happen.

Accountability, Healing, Manifestation, + Magic 101 is what we will cover in these workshops.

These goddess gatherings will happen once a month. We will meet online for an hour or two to do deep healing, manifestation, and spiritual work. I will come with some sort of meditation, visualization, +/or introductory material… and you will come with you and what you need to be healed.

There will be live coaching. Conscious visualization. Healing. Mindset work. Practical, hands on strategy (if called for.)

And there will be plenty of magic, connection, and feminine vibes.

And by the time you leave, there will be tons of life shifts.

November’s theme is: regeneration (and releasing what no longer serves us.) Yes, I will give you specific process and guide you through how to do this. Only 1 more day to sign up for the experience.



Let us heal. Grow. + Evolve. Together.

the sessions are only $39 (for now)

and there are less than 10 spots available


You will get a recording of the entire coaching call, including any meditations, visualizations, and training material.

The first session will take place on this NOVEMBER 9th, 2018 (you will be able to vote on the time upon signing up ♥️)

Yes, that is this Friday.

Go mark your calendar and sign up above. (Get in where you fit in before you miss your spot 😉)

There is a VIP bonus option for the woman who knows that she needs more 1:1 support from me. This VIP option is so that I can guide you deeper into your healing, for longer than 2 hours.

+ This bonus is only available to the first 2 women who sign up (Only 1 more of these spots available.).

What do you get?  You will get unlimited Facebook Messenger or Voxer support from me for a full month.

What does this mean, unlimited Facebook/Voxer support ? Basically, you will get unlimited coaching from me for a month. Voxer and Facebook messenger are both apps that allow us both to send and receive audio, text, and video clips from one another. This means that whenever something comes up for you, whenever you need some on the spot guidance, inspiration, healing, and/or coaching, all you have to do is go to the app, send me a message, and I will respond within 24-48 hours to help you.

So you will get access to the group healing session, you will get the recording, the meditation, any homework/workbooks, and for an additional month you will be able to talk to me whenever you need, about whatever you need.

This is a wonderful way to get 1:1 support from me for a fraction of my 1:1 cost. Sound good ? Good.

Sign up below.

Like I said before, you don’t want to miss your spot. 😉