• The woman ready to embody her next level of power to co-create deeper fulfillment in her business
  • The woman ready to more deeply know her inner Goddess Frequency
  • The woman ready to more powerfully manifest the results she desires using her own intention and feminine power
  • The woman ready to renew the passion in/for her business
  • The woman ready to expand into her next level of energy healing work, sacred cash flow, and Holy Branding

The way that you experience this 3D reality is a sacred dimension.

You are a mini earth. A mini planet. A mini-plane.

A mini-universe.

You are Goddess, co-creating life from Heaven Sourced Manifestation Codes reflecting back from Source to you on Earth.

Meaning: the possibilities for your life and business are endless…

Meaning the reality of your business gets to match the Goddess codes and lifestyle that you know lives within you.

Expansion. It is time for your expansion.

It’s just about learning HOW to make this happen.

Using my Goddess Frequency Framework, clients have called in sold out launches, 10,000- 30,000 dollars manifested cash months, soulmate clients, deep fulfillment, and renewed passion for their business.

And now, I want to help you do the same.

Whether you want to work on one area in a VIP Day, or you want the full experience in my 6 month program, together I will help you realign with your Goddess Frequency in life and Business, step deeply into your GODDESS EMBODIMENT, clear your spiritual business Aura, and step deeper into your self-love codes, money aura healing, Akasha Integration, and more expansive cash flow.

Starting at $497 to $6k

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Can you trust the life transformation that your soul can detect under the words that I have written on this sales page??

Krysta Voskowsky was able to attract several new clients and multiple 4 figures into her business during our time together.

Writing Coach


Bradley Pomeroy has moved into 4k months and learned how to more deeply embody her truth and boldness online.

Sexual Empowerment Coach

Sherie Giuliante was able to call in 37,000 dollars, step deeper into her joy, and is attracting new clients into her business.

“I lacked direction in many ways before I decided to join Ayanna 1:1. I had heard of manifesting but never thought it would work for me. With her as my coach, I gained someone who believed in my abilities, even when I didn’t. With time, my outlook on life completely changed.

Working with Ayanna, I found myself being able to accomplish things I never thought possible. I gained the confidence to do so much that I never would have even begun to think I would be able to do. I’ve crafted my first ever funnel, started working with my first clients, and have so much more belief in myself and my abilities. I manifested $37,000 to help me relaunch my business and take care of some important things. I’m creating a life I love for my family and I. I love you girl.”

Christine Tschida was able to clarify her marketing message in a way the spiritually resonated, resulting in new clients.

“Before investing in learning from Ayanna, I was in a job that really didn’t serve my purpose or what I know I am here to do. I dreaded every single day of going to that job.

I decided to work with Ayanna, because I felt connected to the message she was teaching on manifestation, and the way she explained her work. Her energy was uplifting, kind, and straight to the point and made me feel like I already knew her. I realized I could stay feeling stuck where I was at in my life and business, or do coaching with her and have an expert hold me accountable and help me work with the amazing tools she uses herself, that would help me live my best life.

Shorty after I began working with Ayanna, I manifested a new part time job that allowed me to leave my dreaded 9-5. I now have the time, energy, more confidence and a high vibe mindset devoted to building my OWN business. I am more abundant in life, business and love. I have been able to spend more time in a heart-centered space building my empire. Her coaching tools I use daily, and they continue to make huge shifts in my life and income.

Through her guidance I found a confidence in myself that I had been lacking for far too long and awakened to see that I can have the life I truly desire. Ayanna gave me the tools to build my list, create my own program, and reach more people to get to know my Chakra coaching. She gave me specific pointers on marketing that have resulted in new clients!”

Lauren has put her anxiety at bay and is living more inside of her purpose.

“Working with Ayanna was a great experience. She has a kind soul and takes time to personally connect. She is real and realistic but also helps you see what big goals and dreams you can achieve.

The materials were super helpful and she provided me with a customized website based on my goals. This left me with lots of material to master in between sessions. She was very accessible between sessions for questions or guidance. She even used voice messenger to communicate which felt very personal.

After my coaching with Ayanna, I still find myself using the tools and reflecting on my learnings. One of my biggest focuses was managing my anxiety and digger deeper into my own belief systems. Since working with Ayanna, my anxiety as been at an all time low; I have had full days where I am hardly anxious. I ended our time together feeling empowered and listened to. I also felt like I had learned skills to help me achieve my vision.”

Jasmyne Silver discovered deeper mental well-being and is finally giving herself permission to pursue deeper passions.

“It felt as if my life/business what at a stand still before I started working with Ayanna. I felt lost and hopeless; I had just gotten discharged from the army and was suffering from a number of mental health issues. I was looking for someone to help me get back on track with life when I found Ayanna. She helped me to bring awareness, direction, motivation and purpose back into my life and helped me build my business.

I decided to invest with Ayanna because the things she offered were just what i was looking for and then some, and I found the peace of mind and self confidence to pursue my true purpose. She helped me develop a plan, and gave me resources and useful information to help me start my business.

My life is different now because I am following my passions in life and going after things I never dreamt of pursuing. I am so much more grateful and happier than I have ever been and am earning money doing something I love, and I don’t have to take away quality time from my family to do it.”

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Disclaimer: While results are often acquired by clients; there are no guaranteed results for this service. No refunds will be available for services already rendered.