A few things: Everything on this site - is intended to act as a portal into your fully expressed and highest version of self. (We do not give in to our smallness around here. We create big lives.)

To be fully free is not too high of an expectation...

So, as your money mentor here to re-awaken the full potential of the Goddess within you, I want to remind you that your desires are clues into your divine nature...

You are ancient.

 If you look deep enough you will find residue memories of the big bang inside your subconscious.

"Manifestation is you getting on the same page as Source about your worth."

One way or another, everything that I create is here to remind you that you are big – that you are powerful – that your soul can barely fit inside of your human skin : that is why you are on the hearts and minds of others.

That is why they can detect fields around you. 

I dare you to go even bigger - create what most consider an unrealistic life; you are full all by yourself.

You come from something magical - to settle for a small life is disrespectful.

The God and Goddess urge inside of you is not afraid to take up space.

Can’t you feel the fire at your core??
To what many call the angels – you are also a light in the sky.
As powerful as a black hole.

I am just here to help remind you (and help you embody) who you really are.
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