“What is a beautiful girl like you doing single?”

“Why aren’t you married yet.?”

“I’ve been looking for my grandkids.”

All questions that may not be said with harmful intent – but in some cases do imply that who you are as a woman is to be determined by your marital or relationship status.

And no matter how confident that you think you are, if you are not careful – you may find yourself under the spell of thinking that you aren’t good enough, that something is wrong with you, or that maybe you are missing out on something just because you are single at the moment.

Now, I believe in love, but in the meantime – what messages are you picking up and allowing to define who you are… literally answer the question.

How have I allowed my relationship status (Whether in one or not) to define who I am?

In this weeks vlog, I spoke about the relationship between your success and relationship status (which btw, is nonexistent.) Check out the video below.

And play with the idea that who you are exists beyond your interactions in the physical world. Play with the idea that maybe who you are is innately spiritual and enough – and your relationship status has nothing to do with it, no matter what society may be trying to teach you.

I go live for my FREE 2 day healing sessions next week starting Tuesday, the 23rd. We will dive deeper into releasing the lies picked up from your past and relationships. Click here to register.

And just remember, no matter what messages are present around you – that you are already enough.

You are always enough.