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The Truth About Manifestation

It’s not that the law of attraction doesn’t work…

It’s that society has programmed the opposite beliefs into a lot of our unconsciousness.

So even when we attempt to manifest - unconsciously we carry deeply beliefs like:

- it’s not possible for me to have money in this way
- I can’t just receive without having to give
- it can’t be this easy
- it’s not spiritual for me to charge for my gifts

So no matter how many vision boards you make, or things you try to sell - unprogramming those beliefs may take time and a different sort of effort.

When you dive deeply into the Source of alot of these manifestation teachings - including the Kybalion; an Ancient text from Egypt over 30,000 years old - you realize that it is more than “think and manifest”


- the principle of Rhythm, which means even as you are manifesting, there will ups and downs.
- the principle of polarity, which means that it will be a journey or the principle of gender and so much more.

They took one law - from a book of 7 laws. That is why it feels uneven.

On its own - the law of attraction will not work - but the truth remain that this is a vibrational universe, and you are manifesting in every moment of everyday - even if you feel like it has failed you before.

I don’t do magic just to manifest.

I do magic to connect to the Goddess.

Magic is a spiritual tool - not always to be used for selfish gain, but as a means to connect with energies beyond this realm.

It’s my church - you see ?

I’ll never encourage you to use any of these tools and ignore your real finances - I suppose that is what makes me different…

I’m going to tell you to check your credit AND invest in your pleasure.

I will always combat anything or anyone that tries to write manifestation off as a tool to make money.

It’s a deep spirituality.

It’s my deepest history.

They taught me this in past lifetimes in ancient mystery schools - I was a high priestess.

Don’t dishonor my truth because you don’t believe it.

Sometimes manifestation may work better for you once you let it go, because of the ideas you are carrying around manifestation.

If it feels better - let it go.

Source will still manifest your highest life for you - as long as that is what you believe

In the video below, I continue with the conversation about why manifestation is real. Comment your takeaways underneath. 

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Osiris, The Age of Aquarius, Alchemy, Business, and Saturn

I went live for about an hour to talk about the spirit of these times and to remind you of your power.

It was a magical call, filled with ancient wisdoms. In it we discussed:

In this conversation we discussed

♥️the spiritual meaning behinds the current times (we are diving into ancient African understandings and finding the common ground between astrology, mythology, and alchemy.)

♥️How you can continue to stand in your power during these times and

♥️What it all has to do with starting your own business/increasing your streams of income



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Let’s Talk About Faith + Why You keep Manifesting the Wrong Clients

Yesterday, I hoped on a live video to talk about the real reason why you are feeling stuck in your business and it was so good.

We also talked about the one shift in your energy that you need to make to start attracting the right clients (instead of flaky, not so magical ones.)

You deserve an abundant business, watch this to learn how you can make it happen – whether you have just started or years into business, this video will serve you.

Comment below with your takeaways.

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How to Shift Your Relationship to Money

You will not be able to call in more cash if underneath your desire you have a bunch of judgement about money. Money is not bad.

Even the Egyptians used to call money the breath of God.

Watch the video below to heal your relationship to money.

Comment below your biggest takeaway from this video.

So much love to you.


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It’s Not a Dream, It’s a Memory

You are not really taking a leap and trusting for God to catch you.

No, what your doing is more like …

Jumping off with a parachute – after training for weeks on how to use that parachute.

You haven’t really surrendered it to God for-real – and this is the only reason that you can’t see the miracle.

… I’m finding business to be the most fruitful – when I relax. When I wait for my soul to guide me to what to do next – but I do have to listen to that call and take action when she does speak.

Watch the video below to learn more about how you can too.

We are shifting the way that you operate inside of your business energetically – so that your results can feel good and be better.