Client Love

“I lacked direction in many ways before I decided to work with Ayanna, but in deciding to hire her, I found myself being able to accomplish things I never thought possible. With Ayanna as my coach – I gained confidence, crafted my first ever funnel, started working with my first high level clients, and manifested $37,000.

I have healed my mindset and re-lauched my business. I’m creating a life I love for my family and I. I love you girl”

Sherie Guiliante

Before investing in Ayanna, I was stuck at a job that really didn’t serve my purpose or what I know I am here to do. I dreaded every single day of going to that job.

I decided to work with Ayanna, because I felt connected to the message she was teaching on manifestation, and I felt like I already knew her. I realized I could stay feeling stuck where I was at in my life and business, or do coaching with her and have an expert hold me accountable and help me with the amazing tools she uses herself.

Shortly after I began working with Ayanna, I found a confidence in myself that I had been lacking for far too long. Ayanna gave me the tools to better build my list, better position my signature program, and specific pointers on marketing that have resulted in new clients!!”

Christine Tschida

I started work with Ayanna because I barely had any subscribers and I had no idea how to use ads or energy work to grow my business.

My biggest shift was releasing the intimidation I felt when it came to Facebook/ig ads and how I can use them to benefit and expand my business, but after working with Ayanna and using her tools, I was able to 10x my email list with genuine new subscribers and I was constantly booking discovery calls which led to new new future customers and clients.

Working with Ayanna in her container has been a pleasure; she’s so genuine with her approach, you feel like you are talking with a friend, so if you are looking to grow your business, get more confidence, and a clearer vision for what’s next, I would highly recommend her!”

Natalie Therese

“I started working with Ayanna because her offer seemed to be in alignment with where I was in my business, and I already loved her.

What specifically changed for me during and after working with Ayanna was a deep frequency shift. I went from feeling unsupported in my business to easily attracting ideal connections and clients.

I released many heavy burdens and stories from the past that were keeping me from growing my business, and increased my revenue by 300%.

I have even maintained my income since working with her.

Thank you Ayanna.

For those on the fence about whether to invest or not, this is what I want you to know: The group mastermind was powerful and ACTIVATING for me. I was provided a safe and sacred place to be vulnerable, heard and respected.

I love Ayanna’s teaching style and the way she has structured her offerings. It was worth the investment and then some – the value surpassed the amount I payed for it.

You deserve to invest in yourself and your business with someone who offers a return on that investment.”

Melania Mersades