See how my clients and I have generated well over 6 figures without the overwhelm.


  • How to embody your next level of being for quicker results.
  • How to optimize your marketing efforts (ads, content, video) so that you more easily attract aligned clients, more consistently (you don’t need anything but it is smart to know psychological triggers and how to activate your audience.)
  • What to shift in your business and high end packaging to create more sales.
  • The scarcity habits you may still be carrying keeping you from more deeply activating your Goddess Frequency in branding and money.
  • Upping your identity, confidence codes, and Queen energy for higher magnetism and cash flow no matter what business you are in.

Even during quarantine, my Goddess Frequency Framework is helping women call in TENS OF thousands of dollars into their businesses.

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In case you are new to me, I’m Ayanna Nefertaari – the Goddess Re-Awakener helping women increase their cash flow with my Goddess Frequency Framework.  With my guidance, clients have called in sold out launches, 10,000- 30,000 dollars manifested cash months, soulmate high ticket clients, deep fulfillment and renewed passion for their business – all using my unique tools.

Personally, I am the author of 3 published books; owner of a spiritual shop; I’ve been seen in major publications (including MindBodyGreen + Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global); I’ve created and sold dozens of digital courses/programs on all sorts of topics; and as the coiner of the term The Goddess Frequency – I have helped generate over 6 figures in the online space by helping women step deeper into their power and sacred cash flow.

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We start on October 5th 2020!! SIGN UP BELOW.