It’s easy to believe in love when it is in front of your face, but can you hold the faith, even as your heart is breaking, again?

It is easy to believe in yourself when you are doing well, but can you trust your journey even when it doesn’t necessarily ‘look good’

The other day I was talking to my sister and said something like “it is so much easier to believe in the reality that everyone else has been trying to convince us of, than it is to believe in the one that we desire.”

( My sister and I often times find ourselves in these deep convo’s about universal truths.)

Anyway, I found myself coming up against the idea again today.

The idea that it is easier for me to believe in the reality that says I can’t have what I want, than it is for me to dare to believe that I actually can have what I desire.

Why? Because me believing in my desires would mean that I would also have to move differently than I am used to moving.

It would mean that I would have to let go of some things that I don’t necessarily want to let go of.

Some habits. Some people. Some beliefs.

And this is really what I am afraid of. Letting go of my comfort zone.

But this is what is called spiritual sight, the ability to see past the illusions of this world, into truth.

And for me, the truth is love.

The truth is that joy is our birthright.

The truth is that anything that we desire is ours.

Be it love, money, or freedom.

So we have to believe in the truth, even when lies have manifested all around us.

Ask. Believe. Receive.

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Sending you so much love, + remember to have faith – no matter what.