A lot can happen in 21 days….

  • You can meet a new lover
  • You can get a new job
  • Sign the lease to a new apartment or house
  • You can receive a huge surprise lump sum of money
  • Or the change can be internal, like a massive shift into self-confidence or the complete release of depressive symptoms

And honestly, all of these things are your birthright.

I wrote my new book,Dare to Desire, with the intent to give you 21 spiritual lessons in manifesting your deepest desires. Each day covers a different spiritual concept and guides you even deeper into spiritual alignment with what you really want.

And by the end of this text and workbook, you will know exactly how to manifest whatever you desire.

I will walk you step by step through manifesting and co-creating and show you how to physically and spiritually apply the concepts in your own real life.

The physical copy of my new book can now be purchased on Amazon and Kindle!!!

Follow the link below to purchase.