*I made my first 4 figures within 3 weeks of my business.

Yep. You read that right. And no, I hadn’t had any previous clients, and if I’m being honest about it now, I had no idea what I was doing.

None of it mattered though; all it took me was 3 weeks to get to four figures in my business …

Why? I used a bit of a shortcut – Facebook ads.

I held a 5 day manifestation challenge, advertised it, and attracted 3 premium paying clients all within the first 3 weeks of being in business.

Since then I have used ads to not only get clients, but to sell programs and digital courses around any topic I desire (relationships, money, business, etc.)

Without even necessarily needing to be a master or expert.

So, I want to share my Facebook knowledge/skill set with you guys and help you also grow your business in exchange for some testimonials ✨




I’m looking for some magical marketing Facebook ad beta testers. lol are you one?

Here is the deal:

I want to help you create a funnel/ad for your business that not only brings in new leads but is specifically targeted for actual conversion (I know so much about targeting and retargeting – I’ve learned how to get results for myself for under $100 with under 3,000 followers.)

It doesn’t matter if you want to create an evergreen funnel for a course that you already have created or if you just want to fill your latest coaching program – ads can help you do it.

(If I had 1,500 to spend on ads alone right now, I’d already be rich. So let me help you multiply your money instead until I can use this knowledge on myself 😘)

Beyond the practical – we will also do any spiritual work around being seen and putting yourself out there in front of strangers that may be keeping you from doing what you what you know you need to do in order to expand.

(I’ll help you do the energetic work of aligning your energy so that the ads naturally attract your ideal clients.)

I use spirit and practicality as a coach.

So, if you are interested in being a beta tester for my new manifesting Facebook ad program- this is what I need from you.

  1. I need you to show all the way up. I can do all the background technical ad stuff for you, but if I need you need to record something, get me some testimonials, upload a pixel, get me a picture, or whatever – I need to know that you will be disciplined enough to do what I ask, by the deadline I askI need a minimum of 2 months to get you results (I’d honestly prefer 3 but if you are willing to work, we can do it in two.)
  2. I need a minimum of 2 months to get you results (I’d honestly prefer 3 but if you are willing to work, we can do it in two.) You need to have already worked with at least a few clients and have some testimonials (or can get some)
  3. You need to have already worked with at least a few clients and have some testimonials (or can get some)
  4. Must be willing to invest a minimum of $300 on your Facebook ad campaign (the more money, the better.)

I will help you watch conversions, and we will make any shifts along the way that we need to in order to improve your conversion rate.

I will help you decide exactly what to give as a freebie in your ad in order to attract the right caliber client (if we choose the freebie route)

I will help you write and edit copy if you need, I will help you put together your email funnel, and come up with a strategic plan for your business that matches your particular desires.

+ For the beta testers (max 4) – it’ll only be $375 for one month of support, not including the money for the ads.

This is the cheapest this service will ever be – especially once I get testimonials outside of myself, then the price will be at least doubled.

Want in ? Email for more information 😘

Why do I need this now ?

You keep telling yourself, “I will invest in next year” or “I don’t need a coach” but then you continue to feel unsatisfied with your life and where you are in it.

You stay stuck, when I could have BEEN shifted your life. Completely transformed it (God is so big.)

The truth is that you could choose right now to invest and finally stop going

around in the same circles of not making the money you want. You could stop making excuses, right now, and let me help you finally shift.

What if I fall behind ?

No such thing. This coaching is for you, and I will do my best to schedule calls around your needs and my own.

Are there payment plan options? No

Is this only for women?

No healing is healing. Energy is energy. Facebook ads are Facebook ads. We all can use it to serve us.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately for this service, I do not offer refunds.

What is Voxer Support? Send me a message and I will respond with 24-48 hours.

Want in ? Email for more information