You are Mother Earth in the flesh.

Before fear and worry took a grip of your consciousness, you were grounded, secure, and at peace.

I speak to women all the time about money. It seems to be an issue close to the hearts of many, and it sucks that so many people are trapped in lives where they can’t have what they want (sometimes not even what they need to feel secure).

In my own life, I am constantly expanding my ability to bring in more income, and I am given new ways to do so all the time…

but most of my money magic happens when I do two things first internally: Forgive and Trust.

I.E. My money situation improves when I balance my root chakra.

Quick description for Chakra newbies: So, if you don’t know what Chakra’s are, they are the centers in our body through which energy flows, each center with its own spiritual correlation, purpose, and meaning.

There are seven chakra’s total (depending on which school you agree to), and the Root Chakra is the first chakra.

Your root chakra is the home of security and survival, and when it is out of wack, you may struggle with anxiety and/or money.

And if you find yourself constantly in survival mode, barely having enough to survive and definitely not enough to have what you want, it is usually a reflection of a root chakra imbalance.

I share this with you because I have been doing some healing work around my root chakra in order to quicken my manifestations, and it has made all the difference in my life.

This soul work led me to confront some of my limiting beliefs around money and survival, and to do a root chakra healing ritual that I am going to share with the women in my Goddess Soul Circle tomorrow afternoon (excitement!).

Why does this matter to you?

I want you to know ultimate balance and peace. I want you to know what it is like to be completely taken care of in the material world. I want you to know what a balanced root chakra feels like, so I created an ebook to show you how to feel spiritually and financially secure using mantras. (It is in the Free Sacred Manifestations Bundle)

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+ as you begin to heal your Root chakra, you will begin to attract more experiences that make you feel safe, secure, and protected.

Financially and spiritually.

You deserve ultimate freedom.

And that starts with a strong foundation of trust and security.

Click here to access your free Ebook.

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