I have been guided to offer a few discounts and special offerings during this time of awakening. There is nothing to fear – only an opportunity for you to step deeper into your power. These offers will only be available for a limited time.


No matter if you want to turn your wisdom into a course about spirituality, doing hair, or teaching … I got you. In Digital Course Diva, I show you the spiritual (so you can actually finish the things because you know EXACTLY what to do next) and the practical (build your own membership site and save that $250 membership fee 😘) But, the course will only be on sale for so low for a limited time. Click here to learn more.


The Black Girl Magic and Money Masterclasses are now a monthly part of my Patreon (which you can join now for only $5.55)

And beyond Black Girl Magic, my Patreon is the spiritual hub where we gather to meditate and have Goddess gatherings about spirituality and magic. I share spiritual writings and guidance all throughout the month, and I give you dozens of spiritual tools to support your journey and business (audio trainings, video workshops, spells and more)

Every month I release a couple of new spiritual trainings, and we meet LIVE monthly to mastermind and connect at the end of each month. It doesn’t matter your color – you just need an open mind to join… (P.S. you have about a week left to join us live and get your healing/questions answered in this month’s mastermind scheduled for March 29th, 2020.)

Click here to learn more about each level.


I created a new way for you to work with me 1:1 during this time for pretty much half of my going rates ($400 off)!!!

The new program is called Reclaiming Your Crown. Why?: In times like these – the best thing you can do to ensure your future is REMEMBER YOUR POWER.

And I am here to help.

This is a 6 month program because while I have several testimonials from clients who have spent less time with me – my best testimonial comes from the client who I have worked with consistently for over 6 months. She has moved in $4k months.

So I know I can help you turn who you are into a profitable business – I just need the time.

So in this program we do everything to get you back into the Goddess Frequency. We do the spiritual healing, the visibility work, the archetype healing, we even work with Facebook ads if you need … I create a personalized program based on your particular needs.

If you are wanting to work with me 1:1 – I have reserved 10 free consultations for the next 10 days for us to meet and chat about working together to see if it’s a good fit – if you are interested – snag your spot now by clicking here, space is limited 😘

Free Consultations are LIMITED.

Click here to learn more and read testimonials.

I love you and never succumb to fear πŸ’•