Inspiration. Spirituality. Universal Wisdom.

Sometimes when you are feeling off-track, all you need is a little inspiration + guidance. Maybe instead of oracle cards and psychic readings, all you need is to add a bit mystic poetry to your life.

So for tomorrow’s morning routine, grab your smoothie, your oils, your crystals, and this book of mystic poetry to help you stay grounded in power, affluence and joy all throughout your day.

I created this collection of poetry to teach you how to manifest the reality of your desires. So while, at the surface it may seem like just poetry – with repetition, these words will begin the process of reprogramming your mind for joy, love, and abundance.

Because such things are your inheritance, WHILE you are alive.

100 pages of Mystic Goodness

I have been writing poetry since I could form complete sentences, and while it has transformed over the years, words remain my main source of healing. May you find all the healing in reading this collection, as I found in creating it.

Writing is my angel. Let her words help heal you, too.