Goddess Rise Mastermind

it is time to … STEP INTO YOUR GOD-HOOD

The initiation: Sometime ago, something within me shifted.

The Goddess within came alive and changed my ENTIRE life (and many of the lives around me as well).

I doubled my income, supported myself online, and pretty much spent the whole last couple years working from home doing things that I loved.

I became aware of the ancient being within me, and she guided me, step-by-step, into some major life shifts = more joy, more money, and more peace than I had ever known.

And you too can tap into this

and I want to show you how.

The problem with a lot of people is that they forget to balance their spiritual energies and put their desires on the schedule.

They wait to work on themselves, on their healing, on their money, on their soul vibration ‘next year’.

They set the goals, but never get around to them (because setting goals was never the actual issue).

Don’t be that person.

Join me to rediscover  self-love – money alchemy + mindset in a new way that makes your whole soul shiver.

Let me guide you in showing up more magnetically to your life, relationships, career and/or business.

(No this program is NOT JUST for entrepreneurs)

Here is what we will shift each week (with some flexibility):

  • You are the master of  fear and not the other way around. It is time for you to stop running away from your shadows, turn the volume up on your self-acceptance, and learn the energetics of true Goddess embodiment.
  • At the realest and deepest levels, you are the Goddess in human form – that is what you should see when you look in the mirror, and I’ll give you some tools to make sure that you always have this #2020vision
  • let’s identify your personal Goddess Code and align your archetypes with the chakra system (we do this for balance, confidence, and peace)
  • Stop with the halfway ass self-love (letting doubt and indecision keep you where you don’t want to be.) Re-define your wholeness and fall back in love with the true Self; your life will naturally begin to feel BETTER and look BETTER.

  • Look, this is real life. Let’s not pretend like nothing negative ever happens. It does. Shit happens. Life has its cycles. Highs and lows. Despair is real. But so is Grace, the power of your spiritual practice, and the reality that things can change.
  • It is likely that you are hiding some of your darkness under the label ‘light worker’ (most of us are trained to be spiritual good girls)…but that is not all that you are. You are the whole universe in human form (including the black holes, not just the stars…)So it’s time to pour some gold into the cracks of you. It’s time to activate your Dark Goddess and tune into your dark feminine in an empowering way.
  • Release the extra baggage and be free. Let’s dilute your anger/shame and use it to heal and co-create.

  • This week, we are lifting the veils of illusion – and opening up your energetic portals for easier co-creation
  • You move in the 3D, but the whole of your being exists in more dimensions than one. Let’s teach you how to intentionally navigate these other dimensions.
  • I have tools to help you tap deeper into the internal Goddess fire of creation –so that you can use it to design a life that feels really good inside AND out (i.e. leave the job you hate, release toxic relations, rediscover inner peace)

  • Let’s identify your purpose at an initial or deeper level using Feminine Power and your own internal compass.
  • And then let’s dive into the real questions (and stop flexing for the gram): what else needs to change for you to build a life that you genuinely feel proud about?
  • We’ll also chat energetic goal setting (it’s one thing to have New Year’s Resolutions, and it’s another thing to have my personal process for energetic goal setting so that you actually see the resolutions through <3.)
  • Goddesses don’t give away their power to anything outside of themselves (experiences, people, bosses, failure, etc.) and neither will you.

  • Healing your relationship to money will pay your bills and take care of you all around even when you don’t have a job (believe me, I know. She is the literal mother.)
  • And no, we are not just talking about healing limiting money beliefs (at this point you can find that online for free). We are doing things a bit different, and it’s about more than ‘limiting beliefs’ and happy thoughts.
  • Money is not this thing you make, it’s an energetic extension of the truth that you get to be supported by source.
  • So let’s release the stress and worry that you are feeling around money, and do some other deep healing so that we can increase how much you money you actually attract into your life. The Goddess Frequency knows fun and abundance.

  • 5 weeks of Spiritual Energetic Recalibration
  • At the beginning of each week, you will receive 1 recorded video masterclass (15-50 minutes long)
  • Each week you will get a pdf, the video masterclass, homework, and journaling work
  • During the entire experience, you will have unlimited Voxer/messenger support where you will have contact with me weekdays to send me audio messages to ask whatever questions you may have.
  • 1 live group audio call for you to ask whatever questions you may have.

  • bonus money meditation (55 minutes)
  • Bonus Goddess Masterclass (25 min): What is keeping you from stepping into your Power + My Vision with Christ
  • bonus Facebook group to interact with the other goddesses (yay to community and new friends! and can I just say that every Goddess Gathering I host is PURE MAGIC.)
  • An e-copy of my book Goddess Rise: A Collection of Poetry about God, Love, and Manifestation.

So, are you ready? Can you feel the pull under your skin??

Let’s get you some accountability with those New Year goals.

Some spiritual support for that energy.

And some results to match those desires in your heart.

Let’s finally fix the actual problem.

Join me in GODDESS RISE  and watch your whole life shift. + no, I’m not being dramatic. The Goddess will shift your entire life, if you let her.

Imagine your life, when you start using this type of deep energetic Goddess embodiment work??

+ Why wait until next year, when you can decide to make the shift, now?

Abundance is truth.

Bradley Biggs-Pomeroy

“Whenever I work with Ayanna, I learn so much about myself, so when I felt ready for a massive quantum shift, I knew I would get it working closely with Ayanna and the Goddess Frequency.

My favorite takeaway and honestly the ONE breakthrough that made the whole investment worth it, in my opinion, was how open I became. Open with visibility and speaking and being Seen. Ayanna gave me one homework assignment that quite literally changed the game for me. Money and experiences and all kinds of abundance started flooding my life.

To add, Goddess gatherings with Ayanna were magical. It was when we could get together and see the faces of the other women that were with you; I felt so open sharing with my fellow sisters in the process. I felt uninhibited and free to be myself. That was the greatest gift of all. And then the friendships that last past the program too!?! *le sigh* I love it!

Over the past 5 weeks working with the Goddess Frequency, I have more than doubled my income as well as created a new revenue stream. I feel confident in sharing my ideas, and most importantly… MYSELF with the world. I feel free to express myself in a way I never imagined possible before. The depth of the connection with myself is astounding! Something I’ll never take for granted again. Coming out of the process, I feel like a genuine Sovereign Queen, an individual powerful, majestic, graceful, and fierce. Seeing as how this is a new feeling for me, it’s like heaven. I cannot describe how it feels to FEEL and KNOW my power.”

Constance Ao

“I loved working with Ayanna! The amount of wisdom and magic that she provided was beyond what I thought possible.

The Goddess Frequency shifted the way I viewed everything in my life. And allowed me to be supported and receive in all areas of my life! What a powerful identity shift!!!

I am so grateful I decided to join, learn from her and experience remarkable goddesses all growing together!

Working with the Goddess Frequency felt like so much ease and joy  that wasn’t there before! And my anxiety around things shifted, melted and I had so much more confidence. I loved the entire experience Ayanna!!!”

Rochelle Coy – precisionplus.co

“Before working with Ayanna and the Goddess Frequency, I had my business for 10 months, with no luck in getting clients, a block in my creativity as far as creating content goes, and left wondering what to do to be successful. Whatever I tried didn’t yield the results I wanted.

Ayanna was so nice, and patient in answering the questions I had. I really appreciated the “safe space”. Everyone was able to speak without judgement during our Goddess Gatherings.

I gained clarity in how I can market my business differently. Also, I have new mindset skill and can think of things differently than I have before.I would definitely recommend the Goddess Frequency to people who might be “stuck”, like I was.”

Halle Biggs

“Working with Ayanna and the Goddess Frequency has really changed my life.

I have realized so much that I had to heal and having the tools to begin to actually heal these things has felt like a huge weight off of my shoulders.

Most definitely worth every penny ten times over!”


When do we start this round? 

Is this only for women?

Even though I call it the Goddess Frequency, for a man it is the God Frequency.This is for you too – it’s

all about embodying your highest potential. We’d love to have you there.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for this service/program.

What if I fall behind in the modules/ miss a session?

Everything will be recorded and kept in a confidential area for you to access whenever you need. Including the bonuses, meditations, and PDFs.

Does the program guarantee any results?

While it is very likely that your emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical life will shift – there are no guarantees.

How will I receive updates?

Upon purchasing, make sure that you check the email address associated with your Paypal account. If you fail to see the email there within 24 hours – please email hello@spiritualgoddessmagic.com to confirm your spot and information.