You don’t really need more information.

Another course or coaching program isn’t really what is going to move you forward in your life and business (and deep down you know this.)

What you need is someone to put a little fire under your ass…

You need someone to hold you accountable to the goals that you set for yourself.

You need someone to help you break through the inner blocks that you can’t see yourself – so that you can finally get some traction in your life and business.

And you need someone to help you hold the energy of faith and KNOWING, to remind you that you do get to actually have what you want and you are indeed supported by God (or whatever you call it.)

So I created for you the monthly Goddess Support Circle – a monthly membership that gives you unlimited access to me as you heal your life and grow your business.

Because sometimes all we really need is someone in our corner.

I’m Ayanna Nefertaari. In case you don’t know my story – here it is. I was called into spiritual healing work at a very young age after the loss of my father at 12 years old. It was a beautiful tragedy that woke me up to spirit and dimensions beyond this world as early as my teenage years.

I went on to college to be a writer because poetry has saved my life more than once – but I graduated an entrepreneur with no desire to ever get into the corporate world. I started off in the online space first as a network marketer until I found the courage to hire a business coach that stretched me financially and helped me gain a lot of clarity around my skills and purpose…

Hiring that coach was the catalyst for my discovering my gift for energy work, manifestation work, and healing work (the intuitive work that I had already been doing for years.) I realized quickly that the metaphysical was my thing and had always been. Spirituality. Spirituality in business. Energy. Money. Manifestation. This is what I am good at helping people do.

  • 1 group coaching call a month – (at least 20 minutes of personal hot seat coaching from me guaranteed – almost like a free 30 minute coaching session a month 🤭)
  • 1 recorded video manifestation/quantum shift/spiritual start-up training/masterclass a month.
  • 1 live manifesting moon ritual a month (go ahead and buy your crystals, candles and wands.)
  • +Unlimited Voxer/messenger/Instagram support (basically unlimited coaching) for the month.

What do I mean when I say unlimited Facebook Messenger/Voxer/Instagram support? Basically, you will get unlimited coaching from me on whatever topic you need, whenever you need. Voxer, Instagram, and Facebook messenger are all apps that allow us both to send and receive audio, text, and video clips from one another. This means that whenever something comes up for you in between sessions and trainings, whenever you need some on the spot guidance, inspiration, healing, and/or coaching, all you have to do is go to the app, send me a message, and I will respond within 24-48 hours to help you.

This monthly support group is for the woman who has been craving my personal support but can’t quite shake my 1:1 1k price tag.

This is for the woman wants to be able to ask me questions whenever she needs about whatever she needs.

+ wants feel the deep pleasure of deeply connecting with other spiritually like-minded people and women each month (hello new friends 😍)

This is for the woman who wants to get in my energy, so that she too can start embodying more faith, discipline, and self-love in her business and life.

+ This support group is for the woman who needs accountability. She has the ideas, but needs the help and kick in the ass to get things actually done and out into the world.

+ This is the for the woman who may be already making all of the money, but desires more spiritual guidance in her life and business.

This is for you.

I can help you with anything from starting your business and attracting your first clients – to healing and releasing traumas that may be stopping you from manifesting at an even higher level in your life.

We do manifestation work, energy work, healing work, and I have tons of practical tools for your life and business that you can feel free to pick my brain about.

This is an all encompassing collective for spiritual women; so if it is calling you, listen. I would love to have you along.

This membership only has space for 7 members at a time ( I want to make sure that everyone gets to be fully honored during the group coaching calls – so each person needs at least 20 min individual coaching time.

So the space HAS to be limited.)

So don’t wait to grab your seat. This whole collective is such a steal.

July’s theme: Quantum Leaps

The first group call and video will be released on July 16/17th – so you have until then (or when space runs out) to snag your spot before the cart closes for a few months before the rate goes up 🙂

– You are a Goddess (a creator of realities, you can have whatever you set your mind to, this is not a cliché and this INCLUDES healing and support.)

– If there is something about your external life that you do not like (i.e. your job, your relationship, your money) the problem is not about the external situation, it is about your inner spiritual vibration. Let me help you heal, spiritually.

– Stop trying to change your external life, the relationship, or the problem, what you need to do is the inner work. When you heal your spiritual vibration, your external world naturally starts to fall into place. I have seen it time and time again – the women I work with begin healing their heart’s and mind’s during our time together and naturally begin manifesting new opportunities, new jobs, new places to live, money in the bank, etc.

(+ At some level you already knew this because you have tried to change your external world over and over again, only to end up back here, at square one… knowing that something else needs to change.)

So start here, with the spiritual coaching and support and the rest will fall into place ;-).

Why do I need coaching ?

You keep telling yourself, “I will invest in next year” or “I don’t need a coach” but then you continue to feel unsatisfied with your life and where you are in it.

You stay stuck, when I could have BEEN shifted your life. Completely transformed it (God is so big.)

The truth is that you could choose right now to invest in your spiritual wellbeing and finally stop going around in the same circles of not feeling good enough, not making the money you want.

You could stop making excuses, right now, and let me help you finally shift from the inside out.

What if I fall behind ?

No such thing. This coaching is for you, and I will do my best to schedule group coaching calls that work for everyone. Plus, you will have recordings and unlimited access to all of the materials.

Are there payment plan options?


Is this only for women?

No healing is healing. Energy is energy. Self-love is self-love. We all need it, and this support group is for anybody conscious, kind, and ready to heal.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately for this service, I do not offer refunds.