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It’s crazy out here in these dating streets…

  • Heartbreak sucks – and sometimes it can feel like a deep dark pit that you will never escape.
  • Situation-ships are real. It is possible to be in-love with someone who has never really been yours or given you what you needed.
  • Out here in 2020, it is possible to be ghosted, ignored, and used, and if you don’t have the tools to heal – these things will fuck with your mood and self-esteem.

And so many of us are angry/lacking in self-esteem because we have allowed some past experience to define WHO we are.

So many of us don’t believe in ourselves or in-love because of something that happened to us in the past.

And here is the thing:  Any unresolved disappointment, anger, fear, hurt, or pain will affect how you show up to your career, your business, your life, and current relationships…

It will even affect your money.

(Confidence, security, and peace are your NATURAL states of being and it has nothing to do with your relationship status; so I made this course and coaching experience to remind you, step-by-step, how to return to your natural spiritual state after dating (and possibly getting hurt) in this modern world.

You are and will always be enough.


Shyaine Roxanne

So here is my Hero’s Journey

In case you don’t know me, my name is Ayanna. I lost my father when I was 12 years old, and that damaged male relationship led the way for all sorts of other nonsense when it came to how I interacted with men.

The process of coming in and out of relationships would mess with my confidence and faith. I would struggle with ideas of low-self worth; I would be clingy and needy. I would take everything personally, and sometimes it would get a lot more serious than that. I was literally validated and defined by my relationship to men.

After years of failed situantionships and some sexual trauma – I found myself with a really low self-esteem, very little hope for my future, and on the brink of a really deep depression.

In those moments, I would find myself constantly thinking that I couldn’t take anymore of this dating world

That’s When I found the Cure

Something had to give – so I did the inner work and within weeks, I had a shift. An awareness was born within me, and it felt like becoming a whole new person.

The way I looked at dating had completely shifted. My insatiable need for validation from relationships had almost diminished. The lack of standards and boundaries that I had in relationships now felt foreign, and I increasingly practiced feeling genuine, safe, and confident as I interacted with men. I had tapped into a wisdom and a freedom…

+ I continue to tap deeper and deeper into this knowing.

After months of healing my heart around relationships and watching my life + business shift, I built this course for women to help them re-access their confidence and peace as a single Goddess after having to let someone go. This course is a combination of spiritual principles, beliefs, values, dating philosophy, and homework to help you find your ease, heal your heart, and increase your money flow all while being single and dating in 2020.

You never needed anything outside of you to complete you.

This course is your spiritual go-to for returning to self-love and selfFULLNESS as you learn to love, release, and date without so much anxiety.

Client Love

– NiNi Rose

This course was like the Part II that I needed in order to face an issue in my relationships that I was going through since taking another one of Ayanna’s courses + this time, I was equipped with the BLUEPRINT to approach my personal issues with confidence & strength!!

This course gave me the tools that I needed to detach, the exercises that I needed to release stress and worry, and it taught me how to reconnect with FULL unconditional love within myself AND in my relationships.

The HEALING and CONTENT jam packed into this course guided me in a practical and spiritual way. Now I live life and date with the knowing that everything that is meant for me, is simply meant for me. I now live life and date under my own conditions, FULL of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (detached), unapologetically, and FEARLESSLY – and all this emotional release came from a course that I didn’t even think I needed !!

I was given the tools that I needed to begin healing and finally RELEASE a personal situation that had been weighing on my heart for months. I am glad that I made the decision to learn more.”

Who is this course for:

This course is for the woman who is tired of placing her worth in whether or not she is in a relationship. This is for the woman who wants to feel good all on her own. Who wants to feel beautiful without a man by her side (but open to love in the case that a man does want to remind her of such beauty). This is for the woman who doesn’t want to let her effed relationship with her father, mother, or past make her desperate, sad, and/or lonely while she dates in the modern world, and this is for the woman who is finally ready to not only be WHOLE but genuinely HAPPY on her own.

Here is how it will work:

You will receive 5 recorded spiritual masterclass (about an hour long) on heart healing, self love, + other topics, see the specifics below. Each module will come with homework, journaling work, pdf notes, an audio recording, and meditations to guide you DEEP into healing your heart and becoming selfFULL (WHOLE on your own.)

Two or three times a year, I will offer a bonus group coaching call/module 6 (i.e. this is your chance to ask me questions and get coaching from me on whatever questions/topics you may need. We meet face to face. This is intimate and personal. The next group coaching call is on March 20th,  21st or 22nd.)

You have unlimited messenger support for the full course period (so there are only limited spots available every few months) so that I can be there for you as you heal your heart and self-esteem.

WEEK 1 –Making the Unconscious, Conscious

  • release bitterness and understand the spiritual reason for any separation
  • dissolving feelings of abandonment
  • release the fear of dating and getting hurt
  • how to begin to let go of sadness and pain after a disappointment/loss
  • becoming WHOLE / rediscovering an internal feeling of wholeness/being enough after having to let go
  • how to express yourself more boldly + effectively

WEEK 2 – Feel Better

  • How to set + stand by your boundaries and standards
  • How to stop taking the actions of others so personally
  • Energy work: how to clear the connection/cut the cords that still tie you to your past
  • Find the source of any self-doubt+ insecurity and heal it
  • The true source of loneliness and how to release it
  • How to feel lighter about it all

WEEK 3 –Healing the Inner Child/Subconscious Mind

  • discover your attachment style and its root + then stop using it as a crutch in dating
  • Healing the Parental Wounds (anger or passiveness)
  • Beginning to release anger and/or passiveness
  • learning how to honor your needs in relationships
  • recognize and heal any abusive behaviors/patterns inside of yourself
  • stop feeling the need to settle. rediscover faith and patience in dating.
  • create discernment in dating.

WEEK 4 –Tune into Your Innate Holiness

  • how to become the source of your own reactions
  • How to stop seeking validation outside of yourself in lovers/situations/circumstances.
  • Clear away any old belief patterns about yourself/love/+ relationships that may be making feeling good, harder
  • Self-forgiveness – (releasing shame, embarrassment, doubt)
  • How to move through the lows of the break up/letting go process
  • heal the energy of feeling like something is missing from your life (there is nothing missing in your life.)

WEEK 5 –Letting It All Go

  • the philosophy of dating and love that leads to peace and selfFULLnes, single or not
  • how dating the wrong person can fuck with/decrease your money flow
  • if your bank account seems to take a hit when you are in a toxic situation, why
  • how to re-balance your financial wellbeing after disappointment
  • forgiveness  (if and when you are ready to forgive – I have a powerful system for that)
  • stepping deeper into love and pleasure within yourself without needing a lover
  • Feel safe within/trust yourself.

WEEK 6 – Goddess Gathering/ Group Coaching Call live via ZOOM

  • embodying your holiness
  • self-confidence vs. self-esteem
  • money, loving the masculine energy, and dating
  • releasing the fear of intimacy

Results to Expect:

  • be at peace while dating in the modern world
  • reestablish financial security and abundance by yourself
  • let go of your ex – be at peace with the separation
  • release neediness, clinginess, and controlling habits in dating + money
  • stop being so preoccupied with your love life (whether he/she text back, calls, etc.) find your own passions
  • date like a Goddess (instead of an insecure teenager)
  • learn how to embody the energy of being wanted – instead of chasing people and trying to force them to want you
  • re-falling in-love with the masculine energy

PLUS as bonuses you will also get:

  • And an e-copy of THE BREAK UP JOURNAL: Renewed + Healed: A 17-Day Guide to healing from break-ups and finding spiritual peace in the modern dating world in which you will learn:
  1. how to quickly move through pain and heal
  2. the spiritual truth about relationships and your origin
  3. how to heal your beliefs/stories around self-love and dating
  4. how to step deeper into unconditional confidence – no matter what has happened in the past, no matter how you look
  5. how to honor your needs and desires
  6. how to actually feel like ENOUGH on your own
  7. how to create deeper, more meaningful connections
  8. and more

Within 24 hours of signing up, you will get access to the entire course. The next bonus group call will be on March 20th, 21st, or 22nd.




“I wanted to take this course because at first, I just thought that I needed help w/ my dating life; I had been in so many wrong relationships that basically ended up just not working out. So I decided to work on myself and invest in myself.

While going through this course so much of my perception of so many things have changed. I’ve come to learn a lot of my conflicts I was having in relationships were more of reflections and learned habits. I’ve began a healing with my mother that I didn’t even know I needed, I located the source of my money fickleness, and I have the tools to shift it.

The women I’ve learned I am by taking this course has helped me so much in moving forward to the women I’m shaping myself to be now. I thank u so much for these life changing lessons that I can use and Implement for many yrs.

More questions: email hello@spiritualgoddessmagic.com


When do we start this round ?

This program is available year round – however the bonus module 6/group coaching call will only happen 2/3 times a year. This year, we will meet live for the group call on March 20, 21, or 22nd

How Many Spots are Available?

Under ten every few months, so if you want in on this magic, do not hesitate to claim your spot. I want to keep this intimate so that I can deeply serve each one of you on the call.

Is this only for women?

No healing is healing. Self-love is self-love. We all need it, and this community is for anybody conscious and kind.

Do you offer refunds?

Doubt you will want one, but if you decide that the course is not for you, you must have attended a live group call, done ALL of the homework assignments, fully (I mean, completely).  If you have, send a copy of the assignments to hello@spiritualgoddessmagic.com and you will receive a refund.

What if I fall behind in the modules?

You have unlimited access to the material for all time to go back and review whenever you need to. You will have access to a membership area that will allow you to easily access all of the material and recorded modules, plus the live call will be recorded and stored for you.

Take your time, there is no rush. This is self-paced healing made to fit you, wherever you are, with a live coaching component.

More questions: email hello@spiritualgoddessmagic.com