Manifesting is not just goal setting.

It’s not just taking action based on your beliefs.

It goes deeper than that, and it’s real. It’s mystical and magical no matter how much your logical human brain would rather brush it off as a money making trend.

It’s energetic. With time and practice, you will become aware of the energetic codes you carry and how you are interacting with the energy of the universe.

Energetically you are connected to all things (this is science) and in turn you can affect such energies with your mind.

Which everything is mind.

I just get annoyed with people blowing off spirituality as a joke or something. As a trend or something.

Just because you don’t understand or feel the energetic implications of your being- does not mean it’s not there.

So, last night I did a free live training and coaching call for the women in my private Facebook group (yes, if you want free coaching you should join my group. Click here.)

Here is what you will learn in the free training:

  • What are some things you should steer clear of to avoid blocking your future manifestations once you begin to take off?
  • How to feel into your manifestations even after disappointment
  • How to re-align your chakras with your mind

Watch below:

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Which means that you only have 7 more days to snag individual spiritual re-alignment sessions before they are closed down so that I can give my all to my new clients for some months.

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