Level Up

5 steps to raise your rates, sell out your programs, and increase your revenue in an energetically aligned way (less force – more ease). Sign up below.

How to create or re-position high-level offers to attract more ideal clients

Healing your relationship with money more deeply so that you can next level your revenue (with ease)

The keys to creating funnels/ads that sell and create optimal conversion (stop just getting on video and pitching yourself at the end and calling it marketing.)

The keys to showing up with more Audacity to the online space (lack of confidence can be felt, and affects your sales. This part you cannot fake.)

The mindset shifts required for you to raise your rates and actually sell out your offers (not just talk about it.)

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In case you are new to me, I’m Ayanna Nefertaari – a writer, and Business Mentor for spiritual women in business. With my guidance, clients have called in sold out launches, over six figures manifested cash, soulmate clients, deep fulfillment, and renewed passion/alignment for and with their business.

Personally, I am the author of 3 published books; owner of a spiritual shop; I’ve been seen in major publications (including MindBodyGreen + Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global) and heard in podcasts everywhere; I’ve created and sold dozens of digital courses/programs on all sorts of topics; helped multiple women create 5 figure months, and as the coiner of the term The Goddess Frequency – I have helped create WELL over six figures in the online marketplace.

Sign up below and you will receive an email with more information about how to access the masterclass.