*what I’ve been manifesting lately

About one month ish ago, I did a call out for beautiful spiritual female friends on my Facebook status.

Want me to be honest : at the time, I was ashamed to have too many friends – I wasn’t happy with where I was living, and I didn’t have a car.

Which I would need to meet my soul sisters for coffee, and have them over for yoga.

(I want to be honest about my journey and never over speak – I’ve sacrificed a lot for my business… it took me some time to see tangible monetary results, and I am still growing more and more into my highest potential (No, I wasn’t with my parents.)

But I couldn’t say no to the friendships that my soul was calling me toward- so I had to uplevel

– New apartment
– New car

And I did it using my manifestation process that I share in Dare to Desire (Click here to learn more.)

Here are the notes that I’ve gathered from the last month ish of manifesting

– Do not limit God . You can change your mind on a wimb. Decide that you are unavailable for not having what you want any longer and God will meet you there. Dare to desire.
– Know that it is yours as soon as you want it : I like Hello Kitty so when I saw a hello kitty key chain in the store a month ago , I bought it before I had the car or apartment. I started writing this status weeks ago.
– Spiritual sight: there were a lot of moments I could have given up. A lot of roadblocks (I obviously had my own blocks in believing that I could really get these things- that I had the right to uplevel). Sometimes it’s easy, and we don’t have a lot of resistance, and sometimes it’s not…but I kept going. And here we are.
– Take the leap. It’s scary. Take it anyway.

No, I don’t have Mercedes or Cadillac but she’s a really good car; it’s my first non-hooptie, and she is mine (paid in full – doesn’t belong to a loan company)

I am actually so proud.

And I’ve always dreamed of hardwood floors and here I am – walking on hardwood floors in my new apartment …

There’s an indoor pool. I have a porch + other cool things. I feel so good.

I just want to tell you to trust your journey – step by step you will end up exactly where you intend.

And share with you this manifestation training that I made for you. It’s free.

(PS I’ve been mad comparing myself to people online. Telling myself that I couldn’t share this win because it isn’t big enough- it’s not a 50k or even 8k month, not a house, condo, or an Audi (though I’m not hating if you have these things) but I’m getting my whole life together at a rate that feels good to me, and I’m proud. I’ve already discovered what I love, started building my empire, and making money doing it. I am so proud of myself. And grateful. So many people are still looking.

So many people don’t even know it’s possible.

So hopefully my authentic truth will be just as inspiring.)

Comment with any questions below.

Sending you love,