Healing the unconscious mind + body - Goddess Integration - Embodiment - Feminine Money

Healing your relationship to money is key to your freedom (and expansion) in this particular 3D world. 

And what you need to increase your capacity to receive money, is not  another law of attraction course re-programming your limiting beliefs and writing letters to your boyfriend *rolling eyes emoji; 

What you need is something deeper...

In this experience we are going to initiate you into the deep Feminine Money healing codes that my clients and I have used to manifest multiple six figures. 

We dive into the body, the nervous system, healing your trauma responses, and we do embodiment work.

We work with the senses to shift the way that money interacts with your nervous system (I.e. We acknowledge and heal - not positive affirmation it away.)

We use Goddess Frequencies to reset your soul wiring at an unconscious and much more powerful level

We shift the way that you BE with money. This is not a one off thing, and even my clients calling in multiple 6 figure find that they still have work to do around this.

This course is like nothing on the market (and I’ve taken a few of such "money" courses. They didn’t work for me. They honestly don't know what money really is, and beyond that, they didn’t reference my trauma (or did but not how to heal it) or acknowledge the shadow of real life. I was still homeless listening to these courses.)

Affirmations and mindset alone does not really work for my clients and I - that is why I created Money Making Goddess to teach you my Feminine Money process.

To give you what you really need to finally see a shift in your real life money experience, business owner or not.

This is a 6 Module Course that comes with an introduction module, bonus material, and 21+ classes


  • Clearing any remaining trauma habits from how you be with money (relevant for even millionaires) so that you can shift for better results

  • Intentionally using your subconscious mind to speed up and increase the amount of money you are able to hold (NLP tools included.)

  • Creating a core state of internal abundance (key for staying in the flow of money creation - no more feast and famine.)

  • Removing anxiety around increasing your money flow

Module 1

  • Feminine Energy as a tool for re-coding your money story

  • Organizing your money, creating multiple streams,

  • Creating safety with having more money

  • Practical Self-love Money Alchemy to clear any remaining of the “I’m not good enough syndrome”

  • Using pleasure as a guide to create more cash flow.

  • Goddess Yemeya Activation

Module 2

  • Shifting your identity around money (Stepping into your next level does not have to feel like a walk uphill.)

  • Clearing your unconscious mind of residue that may be keeping you financially capped, and the unknown ways you are repelling money

  • What does beauty have to do with increasing your cash flow

  • Practical exercises to increase your capacity to receive in all ways

  • Goddess Oshun Activation

Module 3

  • Self-trust and creating self-worth around higher levels of money

  • What history has to teach us about the true meaning of money and exchange

  • Connecting back to the sacred nature of money

  • Releasing resistance against paper money (fiat) and raising your rates

  • Practical exercises to get the truth that “Money is holy” into your body


Module 4

  • Ancient Egypt, gold, and what it all has to do with your cash flow

  • Releasing religious trauma (that you may not even know still lingers - even if you didn't grow up in the church - you grew up in society) around money so that you can make more without guilt

  • Diving deeper into and releasing remaining scarcity habits and expanding your capacity to hold more money in your body

  • Practical Exercise to help you increase the amount of Luxury you are able to call into your life.

Module 5

  • Creating intimacy with the body so that you can use it as a tool to manifest cash

  • How to create a state of safety within your body and nervous system to break your glass ceiling

  • Integrating your dark goddess, so that you can still receive money no matter what is going on in your life

  • Practical Exercises for getting the body on board with increasing the amount of money you receive on a month to month basis

Module 6

  • Using your senses 2.0 as a tool to increase your income

  • Releasing remaining shame/self-judgement/etc. that may have been picked up (even recently - money work is continuous)

  • Using sexual energy to manifest money

  • Masonry, the Federal Reserves, Lakshmi, and Wealth codes

  • Releasing any black magic within you against wealth

My story started with me using the law of attraction to manifest a pair of shoes, a car, a vacation, and then a $1000 rebate.... but I had a hard time consistently attracting and increasing my ability to hold cash, and ended up homeless in my car even though I had taken tons of money courses, and read tons of finance books. 

 It wasn't until I learned how to use and embody these Feminine Money principles that I was able to move out of my car, expand my business, and create multiple five figure months. 

Once I discovered the secrets, I shared them with my clients who went on to manifest multiple six figures - and now this course houses everything we used to manifest our abundance (both practical and spiritual).

30 Day Feminine Money Planner - Daily Money Management and Feminine Money Implementation. Daily practical tools for money  creation and organization.

Expand Your income streams with what you already know, teach, and embody. This works especially well for entreprenuers needing new ideas or to expand their offer stack

Manifestation Bundle - Abundance Meditation/Manifestation 3.0 Workshop and Dare to Desire E-book (Manifest whatever you want in 21 Days.)

Bonus Access to the Money Magic Ritual Membership Area: equipped with: The Goddess Magic E-Guide PDF where I show you how to use your magic, build your altar, and use runes/wands, the Money Manifesting meditation (55 minutes long) made with binaural beats to help reprogram your subconscious mind for more cash, a video masterclass on money, and video workshops on rune and herb magic.

    Black Girl Healing + Wealth Training

    • How to manifest money EVEN inside of a system set up against you.
    • How to keep moving even when you feel discouraged/overwhelmed by the society, and how it treats people who look like you.
    • How to heal the beliefs specific to your culture keeping you from stepping deeper into your wealth
    • Releasing some of the anger against ‘white’ people
    • Connecting with your ancestors for quicker money healing

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