Money Spell Goddess Gathering

I’m going to tell you a story…

Once upon a time, there were highly elevated beings, you may call them Gods, but they were alive on a Gaia in another realm you couldn’t even fathom. They were deeply connected to their source, and it showed.

These beings were your ancestors…

In that dimension, your ancestors were literally speaking things into existence, immediately.

But then they fell into this physical 3D world, so they became magicians instead….

They learned how to command the elements of the physical world. They were giants trapped in human skin – so they used their wisdom as an aid on this physical earth.

And I dare to suggest that these beings/your ancestors are being born as you.

and magic is tapping into your ancestral wisdom…

That’s why I created this money spell gathering. To remind you of your power and connection to source.

Magic reminds you that this physical world is a lot more spiritual than they would have you believe.

Magic is the grounding of your intentions into the etheric realm…..

Magic helps you tap into the power of the subconscious realm – instead of relying on your conscious mind.

+ Magic reminds you that you are not a slave to money, but money is a slave to you.

Click here to watch my training on magic in the bible… there are so many clues that our ancestors knew the power of this wisdom.

Click here to watch my YouTube Video on Why Magic Works

*In my last Money Spell Goddess Gatherings, we have manifested over 70k!!! People have manifested $17k raises, an extra $10k in a month and so much more!!!

(😍 so it’s official – my magic WORKS and is only going to get stronger and stronger. (check some of the testimonials out at the bottom of this page) and there are so many not here.)

So, I am doing another Money Spell with the growing moon…

and my magic plus your magic = 💕

What will happen?:

We will all get together – do journaling, mindset, limiting money belief/fear releasing work.

Then we will do the money ritual and chant the spell (bring your wands, crystals, and candles.)

I will teach you the magic – and we will use the power of sound, intention, co-creation, candles and group intention to manifest our desired cash x10 quicker.

(Whenever souls pray together – the magic increases and speeds up.)

Whenever souls gather, God is there – it’s in scripture.

Within 24 hours of signing up you will get access to your money manifesting tools:

  • The Goddess Magic E-Guide PDF where I show you how to use your magic, build your altar, and use runes/wands to increase the chances of your spells working. Think of this as your witch cheatsheet.
  • The Money Manifesting meditation (55 minutes long) equipped with binaural beats to help reprogram your subconscious mind for more money.
  • A video masterclass on money teaching you how to get into the flow of abundance; the best state to manifest money in; and how to begin releasing some of your scarcity habits.
  • A video workshop teaching you how to use sacred geometry runes in your magic to increase intensity and why we do this
  • A  video workshop on the best abundance herbs to use to increase your aura/Ashe

YOU will receive immediate access to the above things within 24 hours as we prepare for the group call. This membership area access is in Patreon.

(After the journaling/masterminding, I’ll start the ritual with a meditation and tell you a little more about how spells work, and how to use them in your own life for actual results.

+ Then I will teach you the chant/spell/ritual

+ Then we will light our candles and say the chant together.

(If you know how magic works, why temples are powerful places, and how energy accumulates and multiplies – then you know the power of gathering and using sound magic and intention for a specific reason.

It’s why people gather to meditate and actually decrease crime in the certain areas where they meditate.

It’s science and magic.

The group spell IS ONLY $29.

  • There will be a pdf with the magical money chant in a private portal.
  • There will be a private portal on my website to access all the goodies.
  • There will be a recording of the group spell for you to reference whenever you need.
  • Journaling prompts to help you heal your money stuff and tap deeper into abundance while you wait on the magic to work.
  • Audio and Video trainings on herbs, spirituality, and business.
  • Access to my spiritual hub on Patreon and weekly meditations.

P.S. the magic will work whether you are there or not. I do pre-magic… so I infuse the main candle and spiritual tools with everyone’s petition/intention before the call so that the group magic will still be sent to everyone involved. No matter how far. My women live all over the world, not all of them could make it live, but the magic still worked for them. See below.

Come join us, beautiful. I promise you, we will make this month magical.

Sign up below. The spell will take place at the end of the month.

Join Level 3 in Patreon.

When is the last day to get in?: I offer these money rituals each money and we go live in my private Goddess collective in Patreon to do the magic together. 

Do you offer refunds?: Unfortunately there are no refunds for this service so please, do not come to me in impatience/fear seeking to be relieved financially – that impatience is a sign of your lack of belief which will ultimately affect the magic. Trust love, trust.

Can I just wait until next month to join?: What is that energy about, putting off what you desire until the future? Are you doing that in any other area of your life? I challenge you to look deeper and just make sure that this isn’t another form of fear.