Money Making Goddess 6 Week Experience


I say it all the time, and I will say it again… A B U N D A N C E is truth.


The universe is constantly expanding – even the humans cannot stop multiplying…

Over-flowing is your truest truth.

And yes – it is connected to your feminine power…

As I continue to expand – I want to share with you the money shifts that I had to make in order to embody the new level of abundance required for me to create 5 figures in a month.

(Worry is an illusion of the matrix, and so is scarcity)

(And no, you don’t ‘need’ another course, so to speak…)

In reality, you don’t really need anything outside of you.

But, in this 5 week experience you are going to reprogram your DNA with Goddess Archetype work AND deep money healing – using these tools my clients have manifested over 6 figures; there is nothing else like it on the market, so sometimes what you actually need, may actually be the thing that you think you just want.

No matter what you do or what the external environment around you looks like…within you are the keys to prosperity…and in this 5 week experience, I will guide you in reconnecting to this inner abundance whether you are an entrepreneur or not.

Every day during the week you will have a money healing prompt and assignment (that’s 20 days of journaling and healing your money sh*t).

Each week you will also have a video masterclass (topics listed below) and during week 5, we will meet for a live group Goddess Gathering to discuss and heal any lingering money lies keeping you from stepping deeper into your abundance.

What will you learn:

  • How to create more of a state of flow with money by energetically increasing your sense of safety/innocence/peace
  • What is feminine energy, and how to use it to create abundance and manifest more cash.
  • How to put the spirituality back into your money/income/cash flow.
  • Inner Goddess Yemaya activation to increase currency.

  • My 4 step process for healing your money Aura in order to speed up your manifestations.
  • How to FINALLY release scarcity habits to create more abundance.
  • Goddess Archetype work for wealth consciousness.
  • Inner Goddess Oshun activation for more pleasure
  • How to use sensuality and pleasure to increase your cash flow (without being reckless.)

  • Expanding your capacity to receive actual money (not gifts or free things, but actual cash in the bank.)
  • Increasing your capacity for self-love in order to create more income for self
  • Practical tools for managing your money, manifesting more money, and FEELING richer
  • Letting go of negative vibrations around consumerism and exchange (which may be blocking some of your money flow.)

  • Releasing your blocks around capitalism and exchange
  • What does the Egyptian/Kemet spiritual understanding of the afterlife and gold have to do with money ?
  • Clearing Religious trauma around money
  • How to get rid of your negative relation to fiat currency
  • How to create more space for your wants  and increase your capacity to receive

  • What is feminine Money and what does it have to do with your life ? 

Brown Girl wealth video training

  • How to manifest money EVEN inside of a system set up against you.
  • How to keep moving even when you feel discouraged/overwhelmed by the society and how it treats people who look like you.
  • How to heal the beliefs specific to your culture keeping you from stepping deeper into your wealth
  • Releasing some of the anger against ‘white’ people
  • Connecting with your ancestors for quicker money healing

November Money Ritual magic access

  • Access to my monthly money Ritual for November (a magical gathering where we use the elements to manifest your desires. I use a little bit of root work, color and candle magic, rune magic, and just pure fucking intention (I am a left hand path-er). We will meet on November 30th.
  • I have partnered with Quiana to bring you money candles to improve the potency of the ritual. Once you are in, you will receive the link to purchase your candle for $20, if you so choose.
  • The money ritual comes with a private membership area equipped with: The Goddess Magic E-Guide PDF where I show you how to use your magic, build your altar, and use runes/wands, the Money Manifesting meditation (55 minutes long) made with binaural beats to help reprogram your subconscious mind for more cash, a video masterclass on money, and video workshops on rune and herb magic.

Dare to Desire – 21 Day Manifestation Program

  • The Law of Attraction 101: Everything you need to know to manifest
  • How to re-write your limiting beliefs, and change them to match your desires
  • How to transmute negative situations into positive manifestation opportunities
  • How to maximize the speed at which your desires manifest
  • How to eliminate the subconscious blocks that you didn’t even know you had
  • How to develop + embody the self-love and confidence to go after whatever you wantto silence doubt, and what to do when it creeps in
  • How to silence doubt, and what to do when it creeps in

You know deep in your soul if this healing experience is what you need to finally release what has been keeping you from stepping deeper into your abundance.

Don’t let fear/ego/doubt come along and talk you out of it.