Copy That Captivates and Converts



Copy that Captivates and Converts: How to Use Copy and the Frequency of Words of Sell Whatever You Want Online (Even high ticket offers).

Your words are spells – it can be light or dark magic, up to you.

But within you are the keys, the frequencies, that can attract or repel desires…

Same goes for the words you write online.

People tend to overcomplicate copy:sales words on a page, and make it harder than it needs to be – or they make it robotic, boring, and apt to dry your pussy if you read for too long.

Let’s not do this anymore.

Let’s use our words to tell our story and attract abundance.

Let’s use our words to attract the most perfect ideal clients and buyers at whatever price point feels good to us.

And Let’s use our written words, without shame, to sell out our shit.

  • How to align your business with spirit, including selling online with copy (it’s all spiritual).
  • What words really are, and how to use them to activate your ideal clients
  • How to Write Alluring Headlines
  • The Spirituality of Words
  • My Charmed Copy Method (illuminate and find your brand’s voice/vocabulary)
  • How to Keep Your Audience Primed between Offers
  • The 5 Step Copy Blueprint from my Goddess Frequency Framework
  • Live examples to walk you step-by-step through the process of writing copy that converts
  • Bonus Copy tips

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