Entice – 3 Part Content Creation Bundle + Guide



74+ content prompts and 2 part masterclass for potent and magnetic content.

Your 1 way stop for clearing the energy around your branding and content in order to continue to or start attracting your next level client through social media.

Masterclass 1

  • The 4 types of soul-wrenching content that produce real results (aka actual sales and more money in the bank)
  • How to create potent and vulnerable posts that not only move your audience but ALSO further establish your credibility and expertise (even if writing is not your first language, you fear video, OR think being vulnerable will cost you sales.)
  • Infusing the Goddess Frequency into Your Content (writing and /or video) for increased conversions
  • How to control how you are perceived by potential ideal clients through your content (this is inner energy work, and has nothing to do with anyone else.)

Masterclass 2

  • They Key ingredients for mind-blowing content that gets people to engage, share, and buy
  • Checking in on how your nervous system is responding to your created content (this affects the energy and response posts get)
  • Which emotions to call out of potential clients for more increased results
  • How to integrate your shadow into your content without losing clients/potential buyers

Comes with an e-book with homework and 74+ content prompts. Click above to purchase.


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