Feminine Money



This is about more than escaping hustle culture. Feminine money is about more than being supported. A true understanding of Feminine Money requires a deep knowing of Occult history/teachings, and it also requires a cultivated relationship with the Goddess and the feminine aspect money. This is what I will show you (many people have attempted to – without the full wisdom of what Feminine Money really is. )

Feminine Money – Masterclass + Workshop

This is a three part workshop – two video lectures/workshop and one audio lecture. It comes with homework, practical exercises, and a pdf  walking you through how to apply the principles directly to your life for radical change in your finances.

  • What exactly is Feminine Money and how to tune into it to manifest more cash (includes embodiment work)
  • The feminine nature of Christ and how to tune into Mother Earth to create more abundance for self
  • The truth about the feminine nature of money (this is about more than not hustling) and we dive into the history of money, Goddess worship, and more (and what it all has to do with increasing your cash flow in the here and now.)
  • Energetic tools with the Sacred Feminine codes/Goddess archetypes to help you surpass your current income goals
  • You can use this experience to expand your ability to manifest money through your business AND/OR outside of it.

This feminine money process works whether you are an entrepreneur or not, no matter where you are on your journey.

  • Bonus Money Masterclass on how to get into the flow of abundance; the best state to manifest money in; and how to begin releasing some of your scarcity habits.
  • Access to my Money Meditation (equipped with binaural beats)
  • How to use Runes and Herbs in your magic workshop
  • Goddess Magic E-Guide and my money Spell Incantation/chant so that you can do your own money magic.

Within 24 hours of purchase the masterclass will be emailed to you. If you have any issues or don’t receive the ebook within 24 hours, please email: hello@spiritualgoddessmagic.com


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