Welcome to your creativity reset and expansion.

(This is where you expand how you think about adding new streams of income to your business.)

This bundle, Goddess Streams of Money, is for you if want to spiritually tune back into the energy of the Goddess and her streams to creatively increase your wealth and expand your offer stack.

Or learn how to balance premium and high level offers with accessible for increased profit and reach in your business model (think funnels and smart strategy)….

The point: Innovation is who you are.

P.S… Also, there is a way for you to stay current/innovative/create new things for your audience – all while staying aligned with your soul, your brand, AND maintaining a sense of ease and increased profit (I do not believe in making things harder for yourself or adding more work for yourself.)

And no, there is never any need to scam,  lie, create anything that doesn’t feel aligned, or sabotage a premium business tier. Ever.

(This training will serve you no matter what stage you are at in business.)

What you will learn in this bundle:

  • How to tune into the Goddess energy for heightened creativity and abundance (get inspired)
  • How to turn the brand of you into new products/digital offers/services whenever you want
  • How to create a business model that is aligned AND profitable (my step by step Oshun flow process for creating accessibility and creativity within a premium brand.)
  • How to turn your joys/passions/gifts into new ways to get paid (new streams, baby, new streams)
  • The key to keeping your creative expansion simple AND profitable

What you will get:

  • a video training
  • an audio training
  • a pdf with my Oshun flow process for creating a business model that serves
  • and homework to walk you step by step through the monetization process

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