Soul Aligned Branding (7 Week Bundle)- Spiritually and Practically Build a Potent + Profitable Online Presence



Soul-Aligned Branding – The Spiritual and Practical of Building an Authentic and Profitable Brand Online

  • You want people to respect you, honor you, and consistently buy your shit just because of the brand presence that you have created online with your genuine energy and intentional content… (you shouldn’t have to wait months to make a sale, spend thousands on designers, convince people, shrink yourself, be fake, or send slimy little messages to people in order to increase your cash flow. There are easier ways to increase profit authentically – no matter what you sell.)
  • You want to create a brand that is beautiful, heart-centered, embodied in magnetic G O D D E S S  c o d e s, and consistently profitable without ever having to change who you really are or sell in a way that doesn’t feel aligned.
  • You want the money and the soul…. the truth and the abundance. You don’t want to abandon your truest message, or force yourself to do things you don’t really want to do just to attract more soulmate clients and buyers.

The truth babe:

There is a way for you to clear the energetics AND practicals of your branding so that when you show up, you more easily magnetize the results you have been craving (this goes for service and product based business owners; even network marketers – no matter what stage of business you are in…)

It will always be about energy, even the way you are received and perceived by your audience starts with your internal landscape that is only being reflected back to you through your brand.

So in Soul Aligned Branding, I teach you how to create a brand that more truly reflects your divine nature and more easily attracts your soulmate buyers. We do the energetic and spiritual work of branding.

And I teach you how to practically infuse these concepts into your practical branding techniques for quicker more delicious results in your business (how you position yourself online is everything, and there is a way to do it with authenticity, soul, and G O D D E S S elegance.)


In all ways, spiritually and practically…

And that is what we do in this bundle.

Module (Week) 1: The Goddess Frequency in Branding

  • How to use the Goddess Frequency in your branding to more easily magnetize clients/consumers (no matter what you sell.)
  • Content prompts to guide you in attracting more of your dream audience and creating deeper potency/connection with them in the online space by being yourself.
  • The energetic truth about luxury – where it comes from and how to create it practically in your brand (without designers or millions or dollars) so that more people want to spend money on you
  • Instagram/Facebook tips and tools to help you grow and convert more of your social media presence.


  • How to use your energy to create sells and impact in the online space
  • How to create space for more visibility (get invited to podcasts, book projects, etc.)
  • How to recognize what vibration and energy you are bringing into your brand
  • Best way to step into your feminine and flow in branding for more results

Module (Week) 3: The Energetics Breakdown: Authentic Profit Creation

  • How to consistently create relevant, inspirational + profitable content
  • How to make showing up online easier (and spicier) even if you have been showing up for a long time
  • How to spiritually connect with new ideal clients in a way that they feel you, know you can help them, and invest in you, quicker
  • How to clean up your visual brand

Module (Week) 4: Branding where the Spiritual and Practical meets

  • How to amplify your unique voice even more
  • How to heal the inner critic and any confidence leaks in your business that may still be affecting the way you show up and sell
  • How I show up online, why I show up that way, and how to make the process your own
  • 3-4 main mistakes I see entrepreneurs making in the online space

Module (Week) 5: Branding to Become the Expert/Influencer Online

  • How to package your wisdoms + joys in new ways that encourages new people to buy
  • The practical + energetic shifts to make in your sales pages, posts, and presence to increase your profit
  • My magnetic and authentic marketing tools that sell for you without you having to be icky, out of integrity, or forceful.

Module (Week) 6: The Technical and Practical of Branding

  • How to build a more beautiful visual presence online
  • How to create high quality images and content for Instagram and Facebook without having to hire someone (or buy your Assistant this course – yes, I share the apps I use and everything.)
  • How to create a brand experience that resonates
  • Small tweaks to make in your branding/images/content to create more sales
  • How to build a community of loyal buyers

In this masterclass (Week 7) you will learn:

  • The Goddess Brushover Technique: my method for creating sales pages that profit based on vibration and energy
  • The Attraction Frequency: How to grab and keep the peoples attention for more sales and meaningful connection
  • True Embodiment techniques to help you overcome any remaining imposters within
  • How to infuse the Goddess energy into your posts, copy, and sales pages using practical techniques so that you can increase the energetic pull you have on your audience (i.e. increased conversions, more money.)

  • Access to my branding cheat sheet which gives you the tools/apps/websites that I use to brand quotes, edit pictures, and build my website/instagram
  • How to create your own Gold lettering for headers, pictures, and sales pages
  • How to create your own sales pages, headers, and patterned fonts on your website (22 minute video training)
  • How to Decide What to Sell (or partner with) PDF for new business owners.

Does this sound like magic to you ?

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