Take Back Your Throne: (4 Day Experience) The Goddess Frequency for Women in Business



Take Back Your Throne: (4 DAY POWER ACQUISITION INTENSIVE) The Goddess Frequency for Women in Business

Welcome to your second C O R O N A T I O N.

It is time for you to be re-crowned G O D D E S S of your own business expansion…and take back your R E I G N.

(You have always had the crown – it is just time for you to more fully E M B O D Y this power…)

Drop any remaining worry. Drop any remaining doubt. Drop any remaining Fear.

It is now time for you to make your own tenants, and create your own laws for abundance, business, and creation.

You are the Supreme Ruler of your estate (inner landscape and outer actions).

And you get to stay grounded in your ANCIENT power no matter what is going on in the world around you….

So I created this 7 DAY FREQUENCY SHIFTING EXPERIENCE: TAKE BACK YOUR THRONE to be your second Coronation.

This is your rise into your authentic self and deeper abundance in business (the kind that comes from within and reproduces no matter the occasion.)

No matter what stage of business you are in…


Isis (verb, noun, energy): The Kemetic Goddess of Magic.

Magic (verb, noun, focused will) : The use of the 5 elements, higher dimensional metaphysical energy, and intention to manifest/co-create/conjure in the 3D world.

  • On Day 1 I will teach you the Isis Code to show you how to use your personal magic to manifest in your business no matter what is going on in the external world. This will go deeply into mindset and WILL POWER (so when I say magic in this case, I am not talking about practical magic/rituals/spells.)
  • Instead, in this LIVE TEACHING WORKSHOP you will learn the key to ACTIVATING your Ashe in your business. In other words, you will learn how to show up even more powerfully and audaciously to your business using your own energy codes. (No need to let doubt or fear control your actions, what you share, or what results you manifest when you have the tools I share with you.)


The G O D D E S S is revered because she is deeply connected to Divinity, and so are you. No matter what you sell – there is a method to energetically Knowing Your Worth and thus energetically attracting people who know the same and love to pay you. I will teach you the method…

Ashe (noun, will, magic) : Your umph; the more Ashe you have, the quicker you move matter, the more intense your WILL, and the more powerful your intentions are.

  • Here is where you will learn how to always know what to say to attract buyers/clients (hint: it has to do with spirit.) Here you will learn true S P E L L I N G – the language of the Goddess.
  • In this LIVE TEACHING WORKSHOP you will understand how energy moves through dimensions and how to focus your creative force to create more of the results you desire.


The Queen shines without shame. She keeps her head held high and embodies royalty even in her humanness.

The reason why you are not showing up the way you intuitively know you should be – and the reason why it is so hard when you do – is because you need to reconnect with your Queen Vibes. I got you.

  • In this LIVE TEACHING WORKSHOP you will get some new tools for getting more comfortable with attention so that you can sell, get more visible, and do the things with more confidence and ease.
  • You will also learn about the Black Magic you may not know is being used against you (you know ‘the system’) and how to undo such magic in your business so that you can naturally create more prosperity and protect everything you need for abundance. i.e. building your M O A T.


  • Today I will teach you one of my business success rituals. You will get a PDF with instructions.

Upon your purchase you will receive an pdf giving you access to a private portal where you will find all of your materials.


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