Are You :

  • Working through a recent break up or still stuck on that situation that happened a long time ago ?
  • beginning to feel like there is something wrong with you that is keeping you from attracting a true love ?
  • Experiencing negative thinking when it comes to the topic of dating and love in your life ?
  • Feeling lonely and hurt on occasion, and looking for a spiritual guide back to your inner peace?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions – then this break up journal is for you.

Hey, I’m Ayanna – the self-love queen and your spiritual therapist.

This healing journal was created to guide you step by step out of pain and into peace. (BELIEVE ME – I know what it like to be so frustrated with dating in 2019.)

But you honestly don’t have to carry around all of these negative feelings– there are spiritual tools for healing, and I will share them with you all here in this 17 day guidebook.

  • how to quickly move through pain and heal
  • the spiritual truth about relationships and your origin
  • how to heal your beliefs/stories around self-love and dating
  • how to step deeper into unconditional confidence – no matter what has happened in the past, no matter how you look
  • how to honor your needs and desires
  • how to actually feel like ENOUGH on your own
  • how to create deeper, more meaningful connections
  • and more

Grab the e-book version of this journal via the link below. (Physical copies won’t be available until July!)