Forget what is normal or realistic...

Admit to your deepest desires, and let them be big.

And then get the support you crave in your wild desires as they manifest.

Join this container of expansive energy to hold you as you create a life of optimal pleasure.)

Rich and Aligned the membership is a safe space for your unlimited expansion and healing; we are calling all coaches, CEO's, consultants, intuitives, mentors, divine messengers, etc. to this sacred portal.

The intention: There are not enough places for heart-centered business owners to gather and connect around the topics of money, well-being, and business expansion.
There is not enough support for conscious beings creating large and abundant lives (in a world that doesn't believe in magic and is afraid of money).

So Rich and Aligned was born to fulfill the need.

This community is your place to re-align, rest, expand, connect, remember, and love the truth of who you REALLY are without all the hustle and limits given to you by a society that knows no better (so that creating your next level of abundance is effortless and authentic.)

It is not Spirit or Money, it is Spirit AND Money. That's how Goddesses manifest.

Rich and Aligned: The membership isn't another membership site filled with a bunch of fluff goods that you can find on Youtube for free. We are not those coaches who package up nothing (or regurgitate content) and call it coaching for tens of thousands of dollars, and then lie to you to get you in.

This membership – Rich and Aligned – is your secret little toolbox for aligned success. You can even think of it as a church or college for those with open mind. Between 3 monthly group calls, a beautiful conscious community, monthly embodiment work, and a full digital library filled with practical and energetic guidance - this experience is how my clients and I have created multiple six figures in the online space in ways that feel deeply spiritually aligned.

M E E T    Y O U R    T E A M

Ayanna Nefertaari is an Intuitive Business mentor and Feminine Money Guide. Focusing on providing you with the practical and energetic tools that you need to build and grow a profitable business. 

Through teaching her clients marketing tools, business modeling tools, and branding tools - alongside spiritual energetic work - Ayanna has helped her clients call in multiple six figures during her time as a mentor. 

Quiana LaChe Ross is a Certified Master Practitioner of several modalities (including NLP, EFT, and more.) Incorporating tools such as human design into her practice, she has worked with dozens of women, helping her clients call in over 6 figures during her time as a coach.

Quiana will be meeting with the membership group once a month to host a group call using her potent modalities around whatever topic you may be struggling with in your business, offering personalized 1:1 support to help you design a business the pierces your client's souls and makes you a magnet for abundance.

Ahsaki Kai is a Spiritual Alchemist using psychic intuition, hypnosis, Reiki, & healing to facilitate transformation in your life and business. Best recognized as an Intuitive, Ahsaki uses her certifications in the modalities of hypnotherapy, intuition and Reiki to guide clients into a state of alignment - having now helped her clients save and create millions of dollars during her career.

Ahsaki will be meeting with the membership group once a month to offer things like intuitive business readings based on the needs of our clients. She will also be offering guided meditations.

  • 1 live group call a month with Ayanna via Zoom
  • 1 live group call with each of our co-coaches (Ahsaki and Quiana (including Ayanna, you will get 3 group calls a month)
  • Monthly group guided meditations/embodiment work to facilitate your money healing and growth
  • Weekly office hours (send me an audio note in Voxer with your questions about business or spirituality, and get a 1:1 response/1:1 support during office hours)
  • Private community to connect with the other Goddesses to collaborate, build friendships, and just connect with people who share your conscious thinking
  • Access to over 30 hours of digital material to help you start and grow your business immediately upon signing up + new content added every 45 days.
  • Tri-monthly Spiritual Shower Elixr of your choice sent to you (every three months, you will be sent my magical I am The Spell Elixr) - available for founding members only.

I am also offering discounted Copy Clinics to members only. ( A copy clinic is a 1:1 session designed to help you identify and create converting content and copy for your business/offers. This can range from sales page creation to post and content creation; I  am really good at helping clients identify their content magnetism while creating clear messaging and positioning themselves for profit. You do not have to be a great writer to create magnetic content. Let me listen to you speak and prove it to you. 


Creating a premium brand the attracts increasingly high end clients.

Creating an online brand that easily attracts your ideal clients and sells for you.

Turn your 1:1, group programs, or Retreats into a Course

Tune into Feminine Money to Increase your capacity to receive.

Expand your offer stack/business model - tune into the creativity of the Goddess.

Life coaching course/Kemetic Goddess Wisdom for your life and business.

74+ content prompts and 2 part masterclass for potent and magnetic content

Frequency infused sales pages and branding

Manifest without having to be positive 24.7 - the secrets...

Mindset course for tuning deeper into your personal power in business.


Raising Your Rates Mini-masterclass

Video Trainings:

Do Your Shadow Work Training

Releasing Your Past to Step Into Your Next Level

What’s Missing From Your Manifestation Practice

Boundless: Increasing Your Capacity to Expand and Receive

Expansion Codes Training

Shifting Your Identity For Greater Success Training

How to Stay In the Goddess Frequency with Doubt and Shame

How to Stay Calm when Attacked (Protection Video)

Stepping Deeper Into Faith in the Midst of Life

Healing Your Identity 1.0

and so so much more.


 The universe is expansion embodied. So are you.

You are abundance in the flesh…

And you deserve a life that is too good to be true.

Join now for  $333 a month.

Pay in full for 3 months available ($933 and then $333 a month after 3 months. )

Paypal Credit available for those who need it (Paypal will pay for you to join. Agree to pay them back over time - get the support you desire.)

Due to all of the potent material you are receiving upon purchase, a 3 Month Commitment is required to honor the value of what you are receiving. Cancel after that without penalty.

Remember that if you ever cancel your subscription/membership with this rate, and want to come back, you will have to pay the full price of $397 a month upon returning.

You will receive access to the digital membership area and content within 24 hours upon signing up. If you don’t receive an email within 48 business hours, email