Manifestation is not a selling point for me - it is almost a form of therapy.

It's my spirituality.

A way of coming back to Source. 

This is digital therapy. A deep dive into your soul. Your guide back to the sacred peace of your spirit.

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Day 1: The Foundation For Joy

  • how to establish a solid foundation of  faith, and maintain such faith even while Life is happening around you.
  • how to mend the heart of past disappointments.
  • how to heal religious trauma and build a deeply personal relationship with source/God/the universe in your own way.
  • healing any vibrations of trauma, anger, pain + heartbreak within you, so that these things do not control your overall mood and wellbeing.

Day 2: Creating Confidence

  • The keys to building self-confidence and creating high self-esteem (let’s stop pretending to be confident and actually be so)
  • How to release societal expectations (so that you can live a life more pleasurable to YOU)
  • How to spiritually heal past failures.
  • How to let go of perfectionism, self-criticism, and step deeper into SELF-LOVE

Day 3: Genuine Self-Love 2.0

  • Self-love is a whole trend by now, but what does SELF-LOVE really mean spiritually and psychologically (this is different from self-care and goes WAY past bubble baths and affirmations)
  • how to stop caring so much about others peoples opinion of you (and stop being defined by external expectations.)
  • healing parental wounds in relation to self-love
  • releasing co-dependency and the need for external validation.
  • Establishing a strong foundation of self. This is practical AND energetic.

Day 4: Tapping Back into Your Power

  • We are cleaning up your whole energetic body around manifestation, identity, and the ways that things get to come to you so that you can naturally attract more of what you want.
  • understanding your blocks to manifestation and re-aligning with pure co-creative energy.
  • how to be comfortable with the unknown (the key to a healthy relationship with manifestation.)
  • fixing your energetic vibration and getting you unstuck

Day 5: Coming Back to Peace + Pleasure

  • different spiritual and practical tools for releasing stress (I know, shit can get real and most people don’t talk about that part on the internet.)
  • How to use pleasure as a shortcut to your desires and joy
  • clearing toxic thoughts and relationships from your life
  • the source of peace and wellbeing

Day 6: Create Abundance - Remember Truth

  • Returning to the truths of your soul (instead of the truths of this world.)
  • develop the courage to be authentic, and the courage to believe in yourself.
  • Creating an inner sense of ENOUGHNESS
  • how to create more cash and abundance in your life (entrepreneur or not)
  • visualization for more cash

Day 7: Science and Manifestation

  • scientific proof for your spiritual beliefs (quantum physics 101)
  • how to reprogram your mind to aid in manifesting what you desire
  • Healing your vibrational set-point (it’s why you are stuck where you are) so that you can stop going around in the same ole circles.
  • The science of manifestation (quarks, photons, light energy,  and how matter is formed)

Day 8: The Game of Life

  • Believing in and using the law of attraction even when everyone around you doesn’t get it
  • staying positive when the people around you are negative
  • 5 tips to mastering your energy field
  • The vibration thermometer (understanding your energetic frequency).
  • Diluting the negative charge around negative experiences, traumas, and thoughts
  • Creating clarity around your desires

Day 9: How to Speak Your Desires into Existence

  • The philosophical foundation for manifesting a beautiful life
  • bringing awareness to your inner and outer speech (and the ‘words’ that may be contradicting the manifestation of what you want)
  • Where manifestation can be found in many different major religions.
  • Releasing religious trauma against the loa, magic, and witches

Day 10: Healing Call

  • Let’s release the money shame and guilt that may be coming up for you.
  • finding your balance after dealing with family 
  • learning how to stick to and follow through with your goals

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