Spiritual Business Recalibration Academy

Is this you ? :

  • Can’t figure out why you feel stuck or out of alignment with your business ?
  • Procrastinating and not sure where to start next?
  • Scared to really put yourself out there (i.e. put out authentic content, get on video, do ads, be your FULL self in the online space.)
  • Scared of being judged? Failing? Worried about the opinions of others ?
  • Want to improve your visibility + marketing techniques to create more profit in your business ?

If so, then I created this course for you. It is your spiritual guide to healing the spiritual blocks that keep you from selling, showing up, and making good money online. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting – or years into your business. It doesn’t matter if your audience is small or huge – you can still succeed in your business, now.

If there is something that you are good at, that comes natural … you have the right, no, you deserve to experience the abundance of God rain over you. And we deserve to watch you do it – so that we know that it is real, so that we know that it is possible

In this course, you will get the spiritual and practical tools for showing up boldly and shamelessly. I show you how to use the inter webs to attract people who you can serve. I give you actual marketing techniques and visibility tools to increase your impact and income, and the psychological tools to heal your energy for better results.

Who Am I:

In case you don’t know me, I’m Ayanna Nefertaari – a self-love and spiritual coach for entrepreneurs. I am the author of 3 published books, I’ve been seen in major publications (including MindBodyGreen + Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global), I’ve sold digital courses on all sorts of topics (including healing and relationships) despite my ‘small’ following – and I have made tens of thousands of dollars in the online space – basically doing whatever I want (like selling poetry and courses for hundreds of dollars on topics outside of my ‘niche’)

And in this course, I share the spiritual reason and the spiritual how I am able to show up and sell whatever I want to online… with pure boldness and IDGAFness (lol I know it’s not a word) and actually make money (thousands!)

Here is how it works:

Each week recorded digital modules will be released inside of a private membership area (starting January 24th, 2020)along with homework assignments, notes, and meditations. Immediately upon signing up, you will receive access to your pre-work video and homework assignments (doors officially open on January 22nd). 

Here is the Schedule:

Healing Visibility Blocks

  • My 4 step process for healing personal and collective traumas that affect your ability to express and be seen.
  • Understand the energetic make up of your business, and how to vibrationally align with attracting clients/customers/opportunities
  • Learn the spiritual reason why you aren’t taking the action that you know you should be (procrastinating), and how to solve this
  • How to build a business that feels good spiritually (its not just about making money) by tapping into your intuition, purpose, and soul

Becoming a Leader / Energetically step into Your Expert Knowing

  • How to Quantum Leap into the YOU that makes money.
  • Identity work for your business (become the expert, now – stop caring what people think)
  • How to feel comfortable selling online and being listened to/followed.
  • My 3 step process for recovering from failure and shifting your relationship to failure.
  • The key to manifesting an audience and business that grows (this is connected to how you feel about being seen, how you feel about yourself, and how you feel about business.)

Money Mindset Healing

  • How to create profit online despite traditional beliefs and people not believing in you
  • step by step process for healing limiting beliefs about exchange, income, how to make money, and the internet
  • How to get comfortable with receiving more and more cash for your services
  • Release any lingering shame and guilt in your money story and past

Marketing and Visibility 2.0

  • 12 practical marketing techniques to help you build your audience starting now
  • Practical content tips and tools to help you connect with and convert your ideal client
  • How to market in a way that spiritually aligns with your gifts/talents/desires and feels good
  • How to stand out in a sea of people, with confidence
  • Tap into your expressive nature and get comfortable with showing up and selling consistently


  • Clearing Away the Imposter Syndrome Training ( 20 minute training and homework.)
  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with the other spiritual entrepreneur women in the course
  • Messenger support from me during the time of the course

“I felt really isolated and often struggled with feeling empowered in what my intuitive and spiritual self wanted to do in business, and how I wanted to do it. I was crying tears of joy when I was watching the videos today.

(And I love your different payment schemes as well that make it possible for people to pay in stages or all at once!)

Seeing you do business so confidently – is beautiful to witness and I have so much respect and endless love. I had this feeling in me that we can operate in line with our heart, with our spirituality in this material appearing world so thank you for your level of personal work that allows you to articulate how and your level of faith, effort, and time that you have put into sharing this information.”

Beth Win Yoga

“Through Ayanna’s guidance I found a confidence in myself that I had been lacking for far too long and awakened to see that I can have the life I truly desire. Ayanna gave me the tools to build my list and reach more people to get to know my Chakra coaching. She gave me specific pointers on marketing that have resulted in new clients!”

Christine Chida

“Working with Ayanna, I gained the confidence to do so much that I never would have even begun to think I would be able to do. I’ve crafted my first ever funnel, started working with my first client, and have so much more belief in myself and my abilities. I’m creating a life I love for my family and I.”

Sherie Giuliante

“My life is different now after working with Ayanna because I am following my passions in life and going after things I never dreamt of pursuing. I am so much more grateful and happier than I have ever been, and I am earning money doing something I love, and I don’t have to take away quality time from my family to do it.”

Jasmyne Silver

Entrepreneurship is a spiritual journey – an energetic journey of healing. It’s not about greed or proving people wrong. This is about something much bigger.

No matter how many times you have failed, no matter how big (or small) your audience, and no matter how imperfect you are; there is a way for you to make money online in a way that feels good.

There are spiritual truths to even business, marketing, and advertising – and these are the things that I will teach you in this course. The spiritual and the practical – from the energetics of your business to practical facebook advertising.

Your business is the way that God is using you to shift the world, and I will show you how to tap back into the spiritual nature and freedom that your business was meant to give you.

Doors Open on january 22nd !! First Module released on January 24th!!

When do we start this round ?

I only offer this program once/maybe twice a year, and module 1 will be released on January 24th. Each recorded module will be released one week later for 4 weeks. You will receive immediate access to the pre-work and bonuses by January 22nd.

Is this only for people already in business?

No, this course was crafted for both the seasoned business owner and the newbie.

No matter the case, the course will serve you with visibility, money + marketing.

Do you offer refunds?

Doubt you will want one, but if you decide that the course is not for you, you must have watched all of the videos fully, done ALL of the homework assignments, fully (I mean, completely) within 24 hours of the second module being released. If you have done so, send a copy of the assignments to hello@spiritualgoddessmagic.com and you will receive a refund.

What if I fall behind in the modules?

You have unlimited access to the material for all time to go back and review whenever you need to. You will have access to a membership area that will allow you to easily access all of the material and recorded modules. Move at whatever pace you need.

Is this course strictly for women ?

No, it’s a course for anyone who is spiritual and has a business.