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– Fighting with issues of self-worth or feeling not good enough to go after what you really desire ?

– Ready to take the steps to be confident in owning your power?

– Tired of relying on others/external factors to make you feel important, and worried about what other people may think of you ?

– Trapped in sadness/anxiety/resentment, and ready to step fully into your joy?

– Questioning whether or not God/the universe really fully supports you ?

– Struggling to build a prosperous life around what you truly want vs. what is ‘realistic’ ?

– Struggling with guilt, feeling crazy, and/or constantly triggered ?

– Constantly criticizing (instead of loving) yourself ?

– Worried about money, and where it is going to come from; ready to fully trust the universe, especially with your finances ?

– Ready to increase your cash flow, and step into more Abundance (Noun): “Having access to the resources that you need at the time that you need them in a way that feels good” ?


The good news is all of these supposed negative things can be changed.

The bad: None of it can be changed without YOU.

Listen Goddess, this is not the way that you have to live life anymore; stuck, confused, worried.

There is a reality where you are overflowing with joy and confidence – there is a reality where such abundance leaks into every area of your life (including your relationships, business, career, and money.)

But YOU have to stop waiting for your life to change, hoping that someone else will come and make something happen for you—YOU have grab the bull by the horns and change your life, yourself.

so Self-Love, Healing, + Money Vibes is a coaching experience for the woman who is ready to connect, release, and attract her heart’s desires with ease.

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Schedule a clarity call with me personally and we’ll figure out if this program is a fit for your needs. I’ll answer all of your questions: Schedule the clarity call here.

In this online sacred space you can be yourself, learn exactly how to practically heal your life from the inside out, and physically manifest what you want in the real world.

(The feminine energy is the most powerful, magnetic force on this planet, and during this experience, we will reconnect to that sacred energy + use it to attract your deepest desires.)

Despite popular opinion, there is enough in this world for all of us to know both JOY + ABUNDANCE.

Your life is not supposed to feel like it’s on a scratch record.

You aren’t supposed to be caught in a constant state of worry, questioning whether or not you get to live the life that you ACTUALLY desire, with the relationships, money, and things that you actually want– you do not have to stay stuck in this hump that you are currently trapped in.





These are your most natural states of being – and any other reality that you are experiencing does not have to be the end of your story.

+ There is a part of you that knows that the truth of this world is beyond anything that you have ever been told or anything that you have ever seen or experienced

You are ready for your biggest life – you know deep down that it is possible, you just don’t know the next steps. That is why I am here.

Here is the thing : Even though now I have managed to build a life and business around my passions and manifest a life where I’ve made thousands of dollars online doing something I love; even though now I have stepped deeply into my joy, and healed my mind + personal relationships, this was not always my life.

There was I time when I was depressed, suicidal, having panic attacks, and living with severe anxiety. I felt trapped – but with some spiritual and therapeutic tools, I have not only been able to heal myself  without medicine, but I have built a life that I can feel deeply proud of, supported by, and fulfilled in.

So I created this experience for the woman who is also ready to master her power to co-create. I created Self-Love, Healing, and Money Vibes for the woman who is ready to overcome her ‘stuckness’, and step easily into her best possible future.


  • spiritual women who are tired of giving away their power and ready to finally see the shifts in thier life/business/career that they have been craving…
  • spiritual women who are tired of giving the same bullshit excuses about why they are stuck, and ready to do whatever it takes to ACTUALLY begin CONFIDENTLY manifesting the future, the desires, the callings, the purpose, that they can’t get out of their minds.
  • spiritual women who refuse to keep going around in the same ole’ circles for another year, who are ready to heal, and learn exactly how to take aligned action to create results in the REAL world, starting now.
  • spiritual women seeking evolution, expansion, and massive personal growth.

I created the digital course aspect of this experience to act as self-therapy, and then we join together in weekly calls so that I can coach you, personally.


– Weekly, you will receive 60-90 minute video masterclasses, along with transcripts, audios, meditations, and homework assignments to help you practically apply the psychological and spiritual concepts laid out during the Masterclasses.

– A bit later during the week, we will all G A T H E R for about 2 hrs for a live online coaching call to discuss the week’s material – these live calls will be this sweet mix of accountability, coaching, question + answer, and a bit of girl bonding.

– There is a private group where I will answer any questions that may come up for you throughout this 5-week experience. I will respond personally, and likely with audio or video.

– You will get recordings of all the lives, a private website to access all the masterclasses/info/bonuses, and live examples of me coaching other clients through the processes I share, so that you know how to do it for yourself, on yourself, whenever you need to heal.

“Working with Ayanna, and doing the work around Self-Love , healing my past and learning how to release my negative experiences has changed my life for the better. I manifested 37,000 dollars, paid off bills, bought a car, and was finally able to start my life coaching business.

Ayanna is not only a friend but a manifestation expert whose energy naturally reconnects you to abundance. I couldn’t be more grateful to have these manifestation, healing, and self-love tools to continue to use in my life.”

-Sherie Giuliante

-Nadia  Maria Nacca

“Before working through this course, I was struggling to truly understand what the whole process of manifestation is really about, and how to imagine and create a life I love. I was answered all of my questions.

My biggest insights from this program were about: expressing myself, meeting my needs, what manifesting and healing are really about, the importance and the functionality of energy centers, why pleasure is vital to manifest and how to activate it.

The course is uplifting itself, and gave me both understanding + tools to continue the process on my own.

My imagination was much wider right after module 1 and I felt deeply safely in love with myself: right after our first call I received a financial opportunity more aligned with my future goals of freedom.

This is about creating a sacred healing manifestation experience for women who are done playing small.

To teach you, how to shift your life from the inside out.

I will show you all the hidden secrets to manifesting your desires…



  • How to increase your self-confidence and step into unconditional self-love, for good.
  • How to release shame, guilt, shyness, and stop caring about what people think.
  • How to stop letting fear control your life, your manifestations, and your decisions.
  • The psychology of self-esteem and how to raise yours.
  • The secrets to actually manifesting whatever you want in the real world, no matter your current circumstances.
  • How to design a life you love, quickly, step-by-step.
  • How to quantum leap – embody your highest future self, now.


  • How to heal past traumas and any negative experience that you can’t get over (My 11-step Self-Therapy process).
  • How to release depression, anxiety and worry.
  • How to energetically align with your desires at a vibrational level, to speed up your manifestations.
  • How to stay clear and peaceful energetically.
  • How to create unshakable faith in God/source/the universe, no matter your current circumstances (release past disappointments + doubt)


  • The science of how stress and trauma is stored in the body + how to return to homeostasis (balance).
  • The 5 Steps to Responding more and Reacting less (stop letting things like anger, fear, and sadness control your life).
  • The source of your Crazy and how to begin healing.
  • How to stop repeating the same ole’ patterns (be it with love, money, or life) and create a future that looks different and better than your past.
  • How to release stuck energies from your body, mind, and ultimately, reality.


  • How to re-align with pleasure and joy (How to heal your sacral Chakra).
  • How to set healthy boundaries and step into self-power (in relationships, life, and money)
  • How to heal the inner child wounds blocking you from manifesting more pleasure and feel-good abundance.
  • How to rebalance your Masculine and feminine energy.
  • How to express yourself in a healthy way that improves your relationship with others and self.


  • My 7 step Sacred Cash Flow process – how to put the sacred back in exchange
  • How to release fear and positively shift your energetic relationship to money so that you can manifest more (doesn’t matter if you have a business, job, or career)
  • How to create an additional stream/s of sacred cash flow.
  • The secret truth about the history of money
  • Merchant Priestess Initiation (tap into your spiritual money powers)
  • How to release the limiting money beliefs that are keeping you from attracting more money.
  • The relationship between creativity, expression, self-love, and money

“Before I invested in this experience, I was struggling with lack of confidence, constantly questioning myself and my actions, + telling myself I wasn’t a good enough human: I struggled with fears around my partner leaving me. I was beginning to feel frustrated and afraid that I would stay stuck forever in a state of confusion and not knowing what to do to help me move forward.

I decided to invest with Ayanna, because I resonated with her videos and Facebook posts, and now since going through this experience,   I have this renewed sense of hope for myself and my future. I feel equipped with extremely valuable tools to help me both understand the parts of me that need to be healed and to take action in healing those parts of me, + I now realize that money is sacred and that it’s not something to fear but something to celebrate as a gift

There is SO MUCH valuable information here, and it all builds upon itself in a clear and cohesive way. I liked having access to all of the digital information in front of me while at the same time being able to talk with her about the concepts and ask questions for clarification and guidance.

I’m excited for anyone who decides to take this course. Ayanna clearly has a passion for teaching this material, helping others step into their power and remembering what they truly are: love. She has created a beautiful course that is full of magic. If you dedicate the time and effort to learning the material and doing the homework assignments and meditations, I know you will see beautiful, epic shifts in your life as well.

-Emily Hester

“I was going through a lot of emotional trauma and I needed guidance. Working with Ayanna has been the best decision I have ever made.

Ayanna has helped me in the transformation of my life from being asleep to being fully awake. She has shown me steps the steps to heal myself. She is so full of energy, life, commitment; I couldn’t help but be caught up in her passion. Because of Ayanna I have taken the necessary steps in my healing process

-Sharonia Burnett


– Recordings of me coaching clients through the Self-Therapy methods, so that you know how to apply to your life personally.

– Weekly meditations and the ‘Unlimited Abundance Visualization’

– 6 weeks of Facebook Messenger support (Message me whenever you need, + I will serve you how I can.)

– Private Mastermind group + community of spiritually minded goddesses.

– Weekly Journaling Assignments to help you heal and manifest.

– DARE to DESIRE ‘How to Manifest Your Desires in 21 Days’ Bundle

– 2 1:1 sesssions

This five week group-healing experience is a full-blown transformative program, moving you from stuck, into a reality that honors your truest joy, love, and abundance. You will have the support of your soul sisters around you, and I will also be here to guide you through any of your questions.

You will not leave this program the same way that you entered it.

+ Remember, you deserve to live a life that feels all sorts of good on all sorts of levels.

Do not settle for a mediocre life.

The last day to sign up is June 22nd, 2018.

So if you want in, don’t wait to join and miss your spot! ONLY HAPPENS ONCE A YEAR.


When do we start this round ?

I only offer this program twice a year. Module 1 will be released on June 26th and each masterclass will be released exactly one week later for 5 weeks. The schedule for the weekly live calls will be sent upon enrolling.

How Many Spots are Available?

Under ten, so if you want in on this magic, do not hesitate to claim your spot. I want to keep this intimate so that I can deeply serve each one of you, and I won’t be offering this group coaching program again for several months.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, see above and below.

Is this only for women?

No healing is healing. Self-love is self-love. We all need it, and this community is for anybody conscious and kind.

Do you offer refunds?

Doubt you will want one, but if you decide that the course is not for you, you must have attended all of the live calls, done ALL of the homework assignments, fully (I mean, completely.). If you have, send a copy of the assignments to and you will receive a refund.

What if I fall behind in the modules?

You have unlimited access to the material for all time to go back and review whenever you need to. You will have access to a membership area that will allow you to easily access all of the material, plus all the live calls will be recorded and stored for you.

Take your time, there is no rush. This is self-paced healing made to fit you, wherever you are, with a coaching component.

Got more questions ?

Schedule a clarity call with me personally and we’ll figure out if this program is a fit for your needs. I’ll answer all of your questions: Schedule the clarity call here.

Tomorrow or next year is not the day for you to take the steps toward your deep healing. Today is.

Tomorrow or next year is not the day for you to love yourself deeper, today is.

Tomorrow or next year is not the day for you to access the prosperity that is your birthright, today is.

Do not push back your freedom.

Join me and some other spiritual women below, +  LETS G A T H E R  TO HEAL + MANIFEST BEAUTIFUL THINGS.



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