I’m doing something a little different – but it feels so good on my soul.

It’s called:

A 7-week mastermind (and group coaching experience) for the spiritual entrepreneur.

Expand and Reignite your business fire.

Make your business fun AND increase your profit.

Mastermind with other Empresses and spiritual women in business.

Rediscover marketing visibility money alchemy + content creation in a new way that makes your whole soul shiver.

+ Leave a different person than you arrived.

(We need what you have to give to the world + we need more of it. We need you LOUDER. BOLDER. More CONFIDENT. More YOU. We need you FEARLESS.)

Here is what we will mastermind each week (with some flexibility):

  • Let’s upgrade your brand frequency a notch. Let’s turn up the volume on your voice, authenticity, and ability to easily attract clients.
  • let’s make your brand unique (more you, the real Goddess you) so that it naturally stands out and attracts your soulmate clients using the energetics of Goddess embodiment.
  • You are the Goddess. This should be fucking obvious to everyone who follows you. They should know to bring you offerings and to respect your temple. Getting paid what you desire for what you have to give should not be an issue. If so, let’s fix it.
  • Let’s clean up the energetics (and practicals) of your brand so that you can increase your credibility, profit, and momentum.

  • If you feel like your industry is dead or overpopulated (LIES) – it’s only because you are looking at everyone else instead of inside at your own creativity and intuition. Goddesses can make worlds and new species at will; you too can continuously innovate in your business.
  • It is likely that you have wisdom and knowledge that you haven’t been using in NEW innovative ways. Let’s open you up a little more, and figure out what is keeping you from expanding creatively in your business.
  • Let’s create some new, unique shit and ways to sell that still feel good to you so that people want to spend their money on you.
  • This week is all about those tweaks in your programs, products, and offerings that can result in more CASH FLOW

  • Here I help you tune in and tap back into your Goddess energy to attract, magnetize, influence, and persuade without any guilt. If your posts, consultations, and/or content isn’t selling even though your are doing so consistently – this bit is for you.
  • Everything you post reads energetically – everything you do reads energetically – let’s clean up the spiritual leaks in your business, so that your confidence and Empress energy naturally AND easily magnetizes clients who respect you AND pay you.
  • Get fucking seen. Create spicy content that sells your services/products for you. This is part practical AND energetic.

  • Let’s go deeper than ‘limiting beliefs’ and ‘traumatic memories’ like all the money coaches are doing.
  • Let’s locate and shift your current vibrational set point AND what has you stuck. We are tapping back into your evolution and quantum shift – we are redefining your identity (again) and the vibration you call home.
  • We are cleaning up your whole energetic body around money and the ways that it gets to come to you so that you can naturally attract more of it into your business.
  • No matter what Money course you think you’ve already taken – we are doing things differently here.

  • Let’s shift procrastination, failure, and integrate your shadow for consistent business success (I know, shit can get real and most people don’t talk about that part on the internet.)
  • How to move through failures and disconnect your worth from set backs/feelings of being behind.
  • Let’s do memory work around what you perceived to be failure in the past, so that you can move on to your next successful launch/sale (no matter what your business past has looked like.)

  • Do you think you need to be a good writer to create good content or sell? (LIES)
  • What you need is the courage to be authentic, and the courage to believe in yourself. What you need is to release the subconscious shit in your mind keeping your from wanting to sell or ask for money in exchange for simply being alive.
  • Let’s show you how to market the shit out your products and services while still feeling good about it using powerful and authentic messaging.
  • We will release any religious or personal trauma keeping you from speaking your truth and monetizing your authenticity

  • It’s not that your business is bad or that people don’t want to buy from you anymore. It’s just maybe an opportunity for you to expand who you are talking to.
  • This week we dive into getting yourself published online so that your work can serve some new souls and increase your credibility (no matter your industry). We dive into the tweaks in your content/connections that can re-ignite old clients/leads.
  • We will talk podcasts; we may even chat Facebook and YouTube ads. We will create some structure and plans (no business survives without some form of marketing. Let’s talk which one feels delicious to you.)
  • Stop taking it personal and just do the things.

This is the spiritual mastermind for spiritual business women who want to get louder – bolder – and more profitable in her business.

For the woman ready to embody her Sovereign Goddess and be excited about her business again.

For the woman ready to see results, again or for the first time.

Yes – this is even for you if you are just getting started in your business.

Join the other Empresses + we will all expand our Empires together.

Tap even deeper into our abundance.

  • 7 weeks of spiritual business recalibration beginning on OCTOBER 24th
  • Unlimited Voxer support where you have contact with me weekdays to ask whatever you need
  • 1 weekly group zoom mastermind call that may be 1-2 hours in length (begins with a meditation/visualization and quick training from host – followed by group masterminding)
  • Each week you will get a pdf with notes, homework, journaling work, and a recording of the session for you to keep for all time.

  • bonus money meditation (55 minutes)
  • bonus Facebook group to interact with the other goddesses (yay to community and new friends!)
  • bonus option for discounted 1:1 sessions

If this is feeling good to you – what if you trusted the call of your soul and took the leap?

Imagine how your life would shift, even before 2020.

Why wait until next year, when you can make the shift, now?

The women who join this mastermind WILL leave with a completely transformed business AND mindset.

Let’s reignite the passion that got you started. Reconnect you to the God in your business.

Abundance is truth.

Space is limited.  Cart closes October 24th. sign up below.


When do we start this round? Cart closes this round on October 24th, but there are limited spots available so don’t wait and lose your spot.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, see above and below.

Is this only for women?

Even though I call it the Goddess Frequency, for a man it is the God Frequency.This is for you too – it’s

all about embodying your highest potential. We’d love to have you there.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for this service/program.

What if I fall behind in the modules/ miss a session?

Everything will be recorded and kept in a confidential area for you to access whenever you need. Including the

bonuses, meditations, and PDFs.

Does the program guarantee any financial results?

While it is very likely that you will see an increase in income while being in this program – there are no guarantees.

How will I receive updates?

Upon purchasing, make sure that you check the email address associated with your Paypal account. If you fail to see the email there within 24 hours – please email hello@spiritualgoddessmagic.com to confirm your spot and information.