I do things a little different – but it feels so good on my soul.

You are ready for your evolution…

To feel more enticing – alluring + seductive to potential buyers and clients .

You are ready to feel G O D D E S S level confident…

To Expand and Re-ignite your business fire,

and Re-align spiritually with your empire and authentic expression (which will result in naturally Increased Profit AND Joy.)

You desire to be encouraged by other Empresses and spiritual women in business…

And you are ready rediscover marketing visibility money alchemy + content creation in a new way that makes your whole soul shiver.

So introducing the 7-week course (and live experience) for the spiritual Goddess in business.


This is the spiritual mastermind for the spiritual business woman who is ready to embody her AUDACITY.

Ready to get louder – bolder – and more COURAGEOUS in her business.

This mastermind is for the woman who desires to REALIZE her Sovereign Goddess nature, and step into a passionate relationship with the way she speaks her truth and makes money.

Yes – this is even for you if you are just getting started in your business.

Join the other Empresses + we will all expand our Empires together.

Tap even deeper into our innate abundance.

How will it work?: Each week you will receive 1+ hrs of video trainings on the topics listed below, and on week 4 + 8 we will meet for a live group call where you will be personally mentored in a 20 minutes hot seat (30 minute sessions with me are normally a $297 value)

I will also be available weekly for office hours in a private group chat to respond to group concerns AND you will receive unlimited personal Voxer/messenger support for 9 weeks during our time together ($1,000 value/unlimited personal support in your business. Ask me whatever you want, whenever you want and I will respond within 48 hours).

Here is the schedule: 

You are a Goddess. This should be fucking obvious to everyone who follows you. They should know to bring you offerings and to respect your temple. Getting paid what you desire for what you have to give should not be an issue.

  • In this module, you’ll learn how to upgrade your brand frequency, and see exactly how turn up the volume on your voice, authenticity, and self-love in business. It’s time you showed up even more embodied as the BOSS you are (in real life and online). This is Soul-Aligned Branding 2.0
  • You are going to start gracefully branding even more of you, the real Goddess you, so that it naturally stands out and attracts abundance using the energetics of Goddess embodiment.
  • Let’s clean up the energetics (and practicals) of your brand so that you can increase your credibility, rates, profit, and momentum.

Your industry, no matter what it is, is NOT dead or overpopulated. You are the embodiment of creativity and intuition. Goddesses can make worlds and new species at will; you too can continuously innovate in your business (no matter what you sell or what business you are in).

  • In this module, you are going to open up more and figure out what exactly is keeping you from expanding even more creatively and financially in your business. (and if necessary, you are going to finally feel confident in raising your prices to rates that feel good to you for what you offer.)
  • You are going to feel completely aligned with your business model, leaving energetic space for people to joyfully spend money on you.
  • This week is all about those tweaks in your programs, products, and offerings that can result in more CASH FLOW and JOY

Everything you post reads energetically – everything you do reads energetically,  and at your core, you are made of star dust – meaning you have no resistance to light. Being seen is in your nature, so let’s get you even more comfortable with the limelight.

  • In this module, you’ll clean up the spiritual leaks in your business, so that your confidence and EMPRESS ENERGY naturally AND easily magnetizes clients who respect, adore, AND pay you (haters should not be in your radar).
  • You’ll learn how to tune into your core energy to influence and persuade without any guilt. If your posts, consultations, and/or content isn’t selling the way you would like, even though your are doing all the practical things consistently – this bit is for you.
  • You will get fucking seen – this is part practical AND energetic.

Here we will meet for a live group call where there will be 20 minutes personal coaching hot seats available so that you can get personalized feedback based on your own needs. 

As a woman, you embody replication. In theory, you recreate yourself when you have children. This is a symbol. As a daughter, you are a clone. You are a reflection of the original mother who kept re-creating and expanding herself. This is the energy of abundance, and it is within you. It is who you are, Goddess.

  • In this module we are going deeper than ‘limiting beliefs’ , mindset, and ‘traumatic memories’ like so many money coaches are doing. (No matter what money course you think you’ve already taken, or how much money you are already making – things can keep getting even better for you. Expansion is always an option.)
  • This week, you’ll locate and shift your current vibrational set point AND what has kept you from getting to where you want to go.(We are tapping back into your evolution and quantum codes – we are redefining your identity (again) and healing your spiritual relationship with cash flow.)
  • You will also clean up your whole energetic body around money and the ways that it gets to come to you so that you can naturally attract more of it into your business.

People think that business, branding, and visibility has nothing to do with spirit and healing – but it has everything to do with spirit and healing. Life requires a certain skill for transmutation – this week, I give you more tools for spiritual alchemy.

  • In this module, we will shift procrastination, failure, disappointment, and integrate your shadow for consistent business success (I know, shit can get real and most people don’t talk about that part on the internet.)
  • This is where you will learn how to move through failures and disconnect your worth from set backs/feelings of being behind.
  • You will also do memory work around what you perceived to be failure in the past, so that you can move on to your next successful launch/sale (no matter what your business past has looked like.)
  • We also talk what needs to heal for you personally, and transmute any negativity you may be carrying.

Do you think that there is some special writing language or content formula that will consistently attract high-end soulmate buyers? (LIES). No, it is more like an energy. A magical code a frequency that naturally flows into whatever you create. What magnetizes clients and buyers is the courage to be authentic, the courage to believe in yourself, the courage to believe in what you are doing, and the courage to believe in source, unconditionally.

  • In this module we will release the subconscious shit in your mind keeping you from finding ease while selling or asking for money in exchange for simply being alive.
  • You will learn how to spiritually market the shit out your products and services in a way that feels delicious using your Goddess Archetypes and powerful, authentic energetic messaging.
  • You will also release any religious or personal trauma keeping you from speaking your truth and efficiently monetizing your authenticity

Here we will meet for a live group call where there will be 20 minutes personal coaching hot seats available so that you can get personalized feedback based on your own needs.

Expansion is the way of the universe – it is the part of the spiral we are living out right now. So, it’s never been about the economy being bad or people not wanting to buy. Nature will always present an opportunity for you to expand who you are talking to and how you are talking to them. Opportunity will never run out… just look at the next baby you see as proof.

  • This week, you will learn more about getting yourself published online so that your work can serve some new souls and increase your credibility (no matter your industry). You will dive into the tweaks in your content/connections that can re-ignite old clients/leads (no matter what is going on in the world, you are Sovereign.)
  • You will learn a bit more about podcasts, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads; and you will create some structure and plans for your empire (no business survives without some form of marketing. You will better implement the one that feels delicious to you.)
  • Here is where you stop taking it personal and just do the things.

  • 9 plus weeks of spiritual business recalibration
  • Bonus Pre-Video and homework
  • Video trainings released weekly. Comes with a pdf and homework.
  • Office hours weekly where you have contact with me to ask whatever you need
  • Two live group calls for you to get personal coaching for less than half the cost
  • Each week you will get a pdf with notes, homework, and journaling work

  • bonus pre-video on Authority and Money Aura 2.0 (of my Goddess Rise Framework)
  • bonus money meditation (55 minutes)
  • bonus Facebook group to interact with the other goddesses (yay to community and new friends!)
  • Access to 3 Day Goddess Magic Power Intensive Take Back Your Throne ($97 value)

Access to the Pre-Video, bonuses, bonus courses, and membership area will become available within 24 hours of you signing up

If this is feeling good to you – what if you just took the leap?

The energy of the Goddess is adventure and freedom without fear….

The women who join this mastermind WILL leave with a completely transformed business AND energetic frequency.

Let’s reignite the passion that got you started. Reconnect you to the God in your business.

Abundance is truth.

Space is limited.  Cart closes June 15th OR when the spots fill. sign up below.


Bradley Pomeroy

Sexual Empowerment Coach


– Love and Relationship Coach

Halle Biggs

Spiritual Entreprenuer

Rochelle Coy – Virtual Assistant

“Before I joined Sovereign, I had my business for 10 months, with no luck in getting clients, a block in my creativity as far as creating content goes, and left wondering what to do to be successful. Whatever I tried didn’t yield the results I wanted.

Ayanna was so nice, and patient in answering the questions I had. I really appreciated the “safe space” in the Goddess Gatherings. Everyone was able to speak without judgement.

I gained some clarity in how I can market my business differently. Also, I have new mindset skill and can think of things differently than I have before.

I would definitely recommend Sovereign to entrepreneurs who might be feeling “stuck”, like I was.

Things will change.”


When do we start this round?

Is this only for women?

Even though I call it the Goddess Frequency, for a man it is the God Frequency.This is for you too – it’s

all about embodying your highest codes. We’d love to have you.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for this service/program.

What if I fall behind in the modules/ miss a session?

Everything is recorded and kept in a confidential area for you to access whenever you need. Including the bonuses, audio group call, meditations, and PDFs.

Does the program guarantee any financial results?

While it is very likely that you will see an increase in income while and/or after being in this program – there are no guarantees.

How will I receive updates?

Upon purchasing, make sure that you check the email address associated with your Paypal account. If you fail to see the email there within 24 hours – please email to confirm your spot and information.