You were never alone, even when you thought you were.

And you are not alone now, even if you feel like you are.

Maybe you have people around, and you still feel the sting of something missing…

Or you are experiencing frustration, and it seems like there is no one around to help….

No matter what stage of life you are in. No matter what up or down you are currently stationed in…

You ARE NOT alone.

And by alone, I mean that love is not just romance. Whether you have a lover or not, love is WHO you are. Love is the trees blowing in the wind, love is that phone call from your mother, and love is knowing that everything in this world is working out for your benefit.

This is the love most of us are seeking, and without it – no matter how many people we may have in our lives – we may feel alone.

So many people tell themselves that it is their romantic relationships that can make them feel better. They tell themselves that they need a mate to take their anxiety away, to take their depression away, or to give them something that is missing, and although they may fill a need temporarily with a mate – that something that is really missing from their lives is within.

That something is love. This is the true love story. This is why I teach what I teach.

Even if you have found or find the love of your life, it won’t matter if you have not healed your own love story with yourself, with God, and with day-to-day reality.

It won’t matter if you have not healed your past and your self-esteem, these things will keep coming up in one way or another until they are healed.

This is the true love story, this is the ultimate journey – the journey to falling back in love with the simple act of being alive. The true love story is remembering what it feels like to appreciate the wind on your skin and the laughter of a friend.

The true love story is finding peace all by and within yourself.

We live in the world of love, and you are love. Never forget this. You don’t need to look outside of yourself for fullness.

It is who you are.