the empress initiation official

Your soul is big… it can barely fit inside of your skin; that is why the energy also seeps out of your body and exudes around you as an electromagnetic field…

The LIMITLESS God(dess) inside of you already knows how to spiritually AND practically create more wealth for you, so if your business is not feeling like Heaven on Earth right now – it may be because something needs to shift in order to create the results you desire.

so, I CREATED THE EMPRESS INITIATION: The Spiritual Reset Sales Course + Experience for spiritual women (and men) in business.

Here is what you will learn each week:


  • Kemetic Goddess Archetype work for creating more sales in your business
  • How to stay spiritually aligned during a launch/while you are selling your offers
  • How to use your #empresscodes to create more comfortability in selling, consistently
  • Goddess codes for connecting with and converting more ideal clients

how to Package your products/services in an expansive and profitable way

  • Here you will learn the energetics of Empress embodiment. (It is most natural for your business to be consistently growing, for you to be spreading your energy and impacting more and more people in a variety of ways over time – these are the #empresscodes; so if you are feeling stagnant in your business in any way, it may be because you are not aligned with the Empress frequency.)
  • In this module, we are also going to make sure your business model is actually aligned for sales and creativity. (This will work no matter what you sell OR how far along your are in business PLUS my process works for physical AND digital products and/or services)
  • You will learn the mindset/energetic shifts required to sell and monetize at your next level.
  • Let’s clean up and increase your credibility, profit, and momentum.


  • Here you will learn about the Kemetic Goddesses, and what they have to do with creating consistency in making sales.
  • Your energy is enough on its own to consistently draw people into your kingdom (be it online or offline) so in this module, you will learn my personal keys to building a GROWING community – a people – a Kingdom of your own that loves you, minus the trolls and haters.
  • Selling doesn’t have to be hard. It is a vibe, a seductive vibe (there are people making millions from walking dogs and they are not stressed because their vibe is right). Let me show you my SEDUCTRESS process.
  • How to re-activate your passion for whatever you sell and/or create something new even when/if it feels like you are out of ideas

The energy of consistentLY INCREASING cash flow outside of the 9-5

  • Healing ancestral curses and ancient timelines (you’ll be amazed at how connected you and your business are to all TIME)
  • Everything physical has a spiritual source – including the different aspects of your business. Let’s integrate your experiences and wisdoms in order to identify the spiritual ESSENCE for your business. We will call this finding your business’ spiritual LAW.
  • Understanding what the Egyptian Underworld has to do with your Business and stepping deeper into your power to create success (Yes, it matters what you create and how you create it (be it journals, smoothies, perfumes, group programs, courses, etc.) but what matters more is your consciousness around it all – let’s reset you.
  • Here you will learn how to use Kemetic Alchemy to step into your next level of income.


  • The wealthiest queens have mastered trade/sacred exchange. Let’s re-create this balance deeper within you too.
  • Here you will learn how to relax into the energy of God even more by doing chakra healing work around money.
  • You will clear away any remaining sales gunk keeping you from making the money you deserve in your business (sometimes its not you or your offers – its how and/or the energy behind your sales process).
  • Healing the low vibrations in your being around business/corporations/money so that you can be a CEO
  • You will naturally continuously expand when you learn how to PERSONIFY the energy of the EMPRESS CODE unconditionally…

This final week we will meet for a live group call/mastermind/Goddess Gathering to discuss whatever is coming up for you in your business and answer any remaining questions you may have about selling with more confidence, boldness, and ease to create more results. We will also chat about optimizing your business model, and what you need to shift personally in your selling to create more cash flow.

  • 5 weeks of spiritual business recalibration starting November 24th, 2020
  • 4 weekly 40-60 minute recorded trainings on the above topics
  • 1 live Mastermind call to heal any remaining blocks
  • Each week you will get a pdf with notes, homework, and journaling work

Empress Energetic Foundations Academy

Module 1: how to create boldness and pure expression in your content through energetic wok; how to create a state of peace and consistency in your business (release the roller coaster energy.)

Module 2: Identity work for your business (deeper embodiment of your expert Goddess self); My unique process for shifting your energy around selling; One of my tools for re-activating passion in your business

Module 3: My early processes for creating a thriving online business outside of corporate; shifting your beliefs about money and business so that you can create more cash flow

Module 4: 12 practical marketing techniques to help you grow your audience in a new way; Empress/Queen/Goddess Embodiment Practices and Mindset Healing

  • Bonus audio training called “How to Figure out What to Get into Business Doing” – This is for new entrepreneurs wanting to know where to get started and what to sell. This is also for multi-faceted Goddesses looking to re-organize their business more efficiently in order to create more profit.
  • bonus money meditation (55 minutes)
  • bonus access to my digital masterclass EnergeticShift (I teach you the energetics behind a successful business)

This is the spiritual reset sales course for spiritual business owners who are ready to more deeply embody their empress codes in business in order to step into their next level of income.

For the woman who is ready to see bigger results than she has gotten used to and comfortable with.

Yes – this is even for you if you are just getting started in your business.

The women who join this experience WILL leave with a completely transformed business AND sales mindset.

What if you trusted the call of your soul, and took the leap?

Abundance is truth.

Beth Win

““Before this course, I was incongruent, trying to please and appease everyone with my business ….most times I wasn’t really saying what I wanted to, so it lost its potential power to make an impact. I felt really isolated and often struggled with feeling empowered in what my intuitive and spiritual self wanted to do in business, and how I wanted to do it.

I was crying tears of joy when I was watching this program with Ayanna.

Because of this course, I am now using my voice and energy for the power it can have when it’s not self doubting or questioning… that is the power of this course.”

Fatima Dobbs

“Ayanna always drops jewels of knowledge.

She has such a creative imagination: Give her your business ideas and she will turn them into GOLD so this is highly advised if you are unsure of the next step to take. I loved this course!

It helped me structure my offers, and I love the integration of historical and spiritual knowledge. The program was SO energetically expansive. It was VERY reasonably priced and I Love that I STILL have access.”

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When do we start this round?

This round starts on November 24th – each week you will receive access to a masterclass and during week 5, we will meet for 1:1 coaching .

Is this only for women?

Even though I call it the Goddess Frequency, for a man it is the God Frequency. This is for you too – it’s all about embodying your highest potential. We’d love to have you there.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for this service/program.

What if I fall behind in the modules/ miss a session?

Everything is recorded and kept in a confidential area for you to access whenever you need. Including the weekly masterclasses, bonuses, meditations, and PDFs.

Does the program guarantee any financial results?

While it is very likely that you will see an increase in income while being in this program – there are no guarantees.

How will I receive updates?

Upon purchasing, make sure that you check the email address associated with your Paypal account. If you fail to see the email there within 24 hours – please email to confirm your spot and information.