Digital trainings + Courses

Courses to help you manifest with more ease, and spiritually align your business with increased cash flow and feel good income.

Dare to Desire: Manifestation Bundle – How to Manifest Your Desires 101


Digital Course Diva – Learn how to build your own digital courses (spiritually and practically)


Energetic Shift –  Energy Healing for Your Biz (Sell with Confidence, Increase Cash Flow)


Take Back Your Throne (3 DAY POWER ACQUISITION INTENSIVE): The Goddess Frequency for Women in Business


Soul-Aligned Branding – Build a beautiful spiritual brand online that inspires and sells for you.)


Enchantress (Flash Course): How to Captivate and Magnetize more ideal clients and consumers with your social media content and energy


Books and Ebooks

Copy that Captivates and Converts: How to Use Copy and the Frequency of Words to Sell Whatever You Want Online (even high ticket offers)


Goddess Rise: A Collection of Poetry about God, Love, and Manifestation


Dare to Desire (Printed Book): How to Manifest Whatever you Want in 21 Days