Money is just God’s way of taking care of you, and it has no limits.

You can attract infinite amounts.

+ yes, I know that sometimes money can feel stressful – but the ultimate truth is that you are protected in all ways (including financially); your maker craves for you to experience the pleasure of having more than enough.

So, this Money Alchemy Deck is specifically designed to help you shift your money mindset. Each card is packed with abundance principles and money healing text to help you clear away any remaining money blocks and realign with your natural cash flow.

This deck is for you if:

  • want an easy tool to help you maintain an abundant mindset daily
  • crave an addition to your morning ritual/altar that encourages your increasing wealth and income
  • want to attract more money $$$$ into your life, right now
  • want to release any limiting beliefs/ideas keeping you from manifesting cash
  • want to release any lingering financial worries

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