• A few of the reasons why you are feeling so mixed up about love
  • How to stop obsessing over your ex or anyone who does not want you back.
  • Learn my spiritual process for healing through break-ups and disappointment.
  • the connection between love and money
  • How to spiritually date in 2019 with confidence, less fear, and actual excitement.
  • and more!!

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Hey, I’m Ayanna Nefertaari – the self-love queen and your spiritual therapist.

My digital platform was created to guide you step by step out of pain and into peace.

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  • Has dating felt draining ? Are you over it ? Feeling a bit tired of the whole experience or simply wanting to dive deeper into self-love and FULLness ?
  • Are you experiencing negative thinking when it comes to the topic of dating and/or being loved for exactly who you are ?
  • Wanting to know the connection between your love life and your ability to call in money ?
  • Trying to convince yourself that you are okay alone, but you are actually hurting inside and maybe even a little lonely on occasion ?

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Get the I am that I am meditation, The Universe Has Your Back meditation, the Heal Your Subconscious Mind meditation, the Reprogram Your Mind mediation, and the Embody Your Feminine Power workshop.

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