Your service-based/ coaching/ consulting business should be your source of abundance (in all ways)…

  • Where your next clients are coming from….
  • The keys to staying in a state of expansion….
  • Your next level of income …

These things should never be in question.

(Mastermind discussions are not limited to topics below. )

Month 1: Upgrade your manifestation codes and what you are able to receive in business. Next level your brand pulse (what do people feel when they get into your world? This is deep inner work.)

Week 1: Shifting Power leaks – Here we will re-activate your God codes at an even deeper level. You will learn how to more deeply choose and create your next level of income (this has little to do with anything outside of you.)

Week 2: Consciousness Re-coding for Expansion – Feeling any kind of stuck is not in the nature of your inner God/dess – Here we will re-align your business with growth and evolution.

Week 3: Identity Upgrades (Expert Actualization Codes) – In order for people to pay you as an expert – you have to KNOW that you are one. Here I give you the codes to more deeply actualize your expert identity/deeper trust in your ability to facilitate transformation with your work so that people outside of you will respect and pay you as an expert too.

Week 4: Consciousness re-coding for Confidence – Failure, set-backs, trolls online, etc…there are so many things in the 3D realm that can tempt you to forget your true glory. Here I give you the tools so that this does not affect you.

Month 2: This month we will eliminate the spiritual disconnects in your business and offerings, connect you with the sacred feminine, and shift your business into a model that turns you on (re-aligning on a deep level with your pricing and offers will naturally result in more cash flow and magnetism.)

Week 5: Money Aura Healing – We do more than the money basics here. You already know that money is not the root of all evil. You already know that abundance is truth – but how are these things being embodied in your actual life ?? This is what I help you shift.

Week 6: Money Aura Healing cont. – The first step in growing your business to its ‘next level’ is tapping deeper into your personal Next Level of embodiment, so this week we heal your business owner identity and reset your energetic set point for higher levels of financial attraction.

Week 7: Positioning your premium offers – Pricing is a part of branding, but throwing a premium number on your offers without backing it energetically will just result in a bombed launch. Let me teach you how to avoid this.

Week 8: Orgasmic Creativity – This week I teach you how to activate your Sacral chakra and feminine energy at deeper levels in your business so that you constantly create things that people want to buy over and over and over again.

Month 3: I will teach you how to create a soul-aligned marketing strategy for your business (stop just throwing things at the wall and hoping something will work). We will create an upgraded business plan for your high-level offers, and a marketing strategy that feels good to you (we will also actually start selling your orgasmic offer during this phase if you are not already.)

Week 9: Visibility codes – It’s one thing to know what to do to be more visible, and another to actually do it. Here, I will teach you how to create a deeper internal confidence when selling and showing up for your business in the online space. Selling is spiritual.

Week 10: The Goddess Frequency – Quantum shift the way that you are perceived by ideal clients. Here I show you how to energetically create a hypnotic and charismatic presence as a business owner – it all starts from within.

Week 11: Choosing your Soulful Marketing plan – I will guide you in creating a personalized soulful marketing plan that converts for your orgasmic offers. Plus, you will have access to my Funnels and Facebook Ads course to help you decide in which way you want to soulfully expand as a business owner. (Marketing is not an if, its a when.)

Week 12: Final stages of Implementation – Here we Do. We Act.  Here you will finish implementation to make everything that you have learned real.

  • one monthly 30 minute 1:1 session to ensure you personally meet your goals
  • 12 weekly group mastermind calls with PDFs,audio, and/or video assignments.
  • 3 months of private Voxer support
  • Access to a private group to build intimate community and interact with other entrepreneurs in the online space
  • 6 bonus courses: The Goddess School – 48+ hours of content (learn more below.)

Expand Your Kingdom – Facebook Ads and Funnel Program

  • What to include in your funnels to increase conversions
  • How to use your Facebook Ad manager
  • What are custom vs. lookalike audiences and how to use them
  • How to optimize your ad for lower costs
  • the reason why your funnels and ads have not worked in the past and how to fix this
  • How to scale and optimize what you are already doing.

Soul Aligned Branding – The Spiritual and Practical of Building an Authentic, Profitable, and Irresistible Brand

  • How to use the Goddess Frequency in your branding to more easily magnetize clients/consumers (no matter what you sell.)
  • How to amplify your unique voice online for more sales
  • My magnetic and authentic marketing tools that sell for you without you having to be icky, out of integrity, or forceful.
  • How to build a more beautiful visual presence online
  • How to create a brand experience that resonates with your ideal consumer

Sovereign – The 7 week course for the woman ready to Embody the Goddess Frequency and Fall back in-love with her business.

  • What exactly is keeping you from expanding creatively and financially in your business.
  • Shift procrastination, failure, disappointment, and integrate your shadow for consistent business success
  • Release the subconscious shit in your mind keeping you from finding ease while selling or asking for money in exchange for simply being alive.
  • Re-defining your identity (again) and healing your spiritual relationship with your next level.

The Empress Initiation (4 week course) – Monetize Thyself, Package Your Gifts, + Attract more Ideal Clients

  • How to monetize thyself efficiently and/or what to add to your reservoir to increase your income.
  • How to spiritually activate your clients and customers even with the most simple of offerings and products.
  • Healing ancestral curses and ancient timelines
  • the KEY to creating consistent income outside of the workplace.
  • Embodying new levels of being loved and appreciated by clients and customers (your kingdom)

You know deep in your soul if this will be good for you.

This is an intimate and high level experience so there is an application process.

To ask me questions, or begin the application message me by clicking this link: (or message me on Facebook/Instagram: Ayanna Nefertaari – @spiritualgoddessmagic if the link does not work for you.

Krysta Voskowsky was able to attract several new clients and multiple 4 figures into her business during our time together.

Writing Coach

Bradley Pomeroy has moved into 4k months and learned how to more deeply embody her truth and boldness online.

Sexual Empowerment Coach

To ask me questions, message me by clicking this link: (or message me on Facebook/Instagram: Ayanna Nefertaari – @spiritualgoddessmagic