It’s not really your fault….

The limits and beliefs that you picked up and embodied from your past…it’s not your fault that you picked them up.

The real reason it happened that way is only because you didn’t really have the mental tools in your youth to imagine. To co-create. To see what was not there.

Literally – your mind was not even fully developed when you first exited the womb – it didn’t reach 90% development until around age 5 and no full development until 25/30 years old.

Which means that the part of your mind that comes together and allows you to imagine and create a new world with your thoughts and vision was not even fully developed until you had been here for years…

so when you were little – you were simply taking on and creating your reality from whatever images were presented before you by the people already in your life.

Because you couldn’t fully make the images by yourself – in your mind.

As a child, you watched your parents and decided that the world they showed you – lived in – believed to be real – was true.

As a child, it was the only possible reality for you because what else could there be (your imagination was not fully developed yet)

but you didn’t know then that you didn’t have to live the reality of your parents or any reality present around you if you didn’t want to.

You didn’t know that you had spiritual sight meaning that you could create whatever vision for life that you desired from scratch.

No limits to the imagination are required.

So what ends up happening you ask ?

By the time you get to an age where the imagination/co-creative part of your mind is fully functioning on its own – you have already built a world paradigm off of the images that you were taking in ages 1-5.

You may think you are operating from your own mind and thoughts – but it’s really a product of your environment.

So most people once their mind is fully developed, start using their imagination to create the past that they have always known.

Because those are the images that they have always seen and drawn from.

They think that it’s real.

They think that it’s a choice that they are making to think and see things this way.

But it’s really a habit of the mind.

When you were say, 5 years old – you might have simply believed and accepted the truths of the world presented to you from the people around you because your own ability to imagine and create was not fully developed,

but as an adult you now have a lot more room to make your own imaginative choices.

As an adult, your mind is more inept to creating something new – to reimagining a new world – free of all the ideas and shackles that you have previously picked up from around you.

You can drop whatever is not serving you, Goddess.

You know that, right ?

This is your power.

There is no right or wrong version of reality – only the one that you believe (which is usually heavily influenced by your upbringing.)

The good news is that with someone like me in your corner, we can shift – deeply – these programs from your childhood that may be still running your life and manifesting your future from an outdated blueprint.

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I got you, boo.

It’s time to rediscover your power.