We are so used to giving away our power, that we don’t even recognize the spaces in our everyday lives where we have already become a victim to powerlessness.

We don’t realize how we have been denying our truth with our everyday actions, and we don’t see how our actions expose how much faith we actually LACK.

When the truth is that in our highest, purest state, we are so in tune with life and matter… that we can move it with our minds. To be a goddess is what is most natural to us – even though this may sound like a lie to you because of what society has taught us.

In this quick video training – I tell you one of the main reasons why you have been unable to manifest your desires, and I am going to give you a manifestation trick that will speed up the attraction of your desires to you.

Because you don’t manifest what you are thinking. You manifest what you embody.

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Sending you so much love,

Ayanna Nefertaari